CHD Friday Roundtable

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CHD Friday Roundtable

On this CHD.TV program, viewers hear from various leading experts in their fields — discussing topics related to science, medicine, law, media and more. Panelists take turns asking and answering questions, participating in an uncensored conversation on relevant topics.

Hosts: Polly Tommey, Brian Hooker, Ph.D., P.E., Elizabeth Mumper, M.D., FAAP, Mary Holland, J.D., Aimee Villella McBride

*The opinions expressed by the hosts and guests in this show are not necessarily the views of Children’s Health Defense.

episode 18

Uninformed Consent Live Q&A

A new documentary, ‘Uninformed Consent,’ exposes the COVID-19 narrative — who is behind it and the way it this pandemic has been used to execute a mass experiment on the human population, stripping us of human rights and impacting our very lives with mandates. In this ‘Friday Roundtable’ segment, doctors and producers discuss the new film and the impact of vaccination on public health.

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