Apr 9, 2024

Legislative Session 2024: Key Info for First Quarter

Understanding and staying up-to-date on legislation across the nation is a vital part of medical freedom advocacy. Restrictions on vaccine mandates, requirements for school immunizations, definitions of biological products — all of these have been on the table in various states’ governing bodies. Join Dawn Richardson in this episode of ‘Advocacy Lifeline’ as she educates and empowers viewers to know what our elected officials are looking to implement into, remove from or change in law and how to participate in those important decisions being made.

Bills Discussed

West Virginia [WV HB 5105] (https://nvicadvocacy.org/members/State-Teams/My-State/Legislation-Details-Alt/itemid/3921/State/WV?Page=True) Idaho [ID H 597] (https://nvicadvocacy.org/members/State-Teams/My-State/Legislation-Details-Alt/itemid/3996/State/ID?Page=True) Utah [UT HB 15] (https://nvicadvocacy.org/members/State-Teams/My-State/Legislation-Details-Alt/itemid/3836/State/UT?Page=True) [UT SB 13] (https://nvicadvocacy.org/members/State-Teams/My-State/Legislation-Details-Alt/itemid/3859/State/UT?Page=True) [UT SB 192] (https://nvicadvocacy.org/members/State-Teams/My-State/Legislation-Details-Alt/itemid/3956/State/UT?Page=True) Washington [WA SB 5982] (https://nvicadvocacy.org/members/State-Teams/My-State/Legislation-Details-Alt/itemid/3856/State/WA?Page=True) [WA SB 6095] (https://nvicadvocacy.org/members/State-Teams/My-State/Legislation-Details-Alt/itemid/3867/State/WA?Page=True)

Hosts: Dawn Richardson

*The opinions expressed by the hosts and guests in this show are not necessarily the views of Children’s Health Defense.

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