Nov 10, 2021

‘You’ve Got to Check Out the Promo for This Book’ + More

This week, Mary Holland, Children’s Health Defense president, and Polly Tommey, co-producer of ‘Vaxxed,’ cover the latest COVID headlines, including news that California Gov. Gavin Newsom is said to have experienced an adverse reaction to the Moderna COVID vaccine, and that President Biden thinks the U.S has ‘reached a turning point in our battle against COVID-19,’ following a green light from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to administer the experimental Pfizer-BioNTech COVID vaccine to 5-to-11-year-olds.

Hosts: Mary Holland, J.D., Polly Tommey

*The opinions expressed by the hosts and guests in this show are not necessarily the views of Children’s Health Defense.

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‘This Week’ With Mary + Polly: ‘You’ve Got to Check Out the Promo for This Book’ + More

Gov. Newsom Injured by Moderna Booster Shot, Source Tells The Defender

Biden hails pandemic 'turning point' as 5-to-11-year-olds start getting vaccinated

Governor Lamont on Twitter: Given today's final approval by the CDC, Connecticut is ready to administer...

Roll up Your Sleeves: Kids' Turn Arrives for COVID-19 Shots

Pfizer Tells Kids Vax Will Make Them 'Superheroes,' Give Them 'Superpowers'

Big Bird, CNN Push Vaccine Propaganda on Kids

Pfizer COVID Vaccine Fails Risk-Benefit Analysis in Children 5 to 11

5-year-olds soon have to show vaccine cards in San Francisco

'No indication whatsoever': Dr. Fauci debunks Covid vaccine myth

3 More Reports of Teen Deaths After COVID Vaccines, as Reported Injuries Exceed 850,000

De Blasio to pay kids $100 to get the COVID-19 vaccine

FDA Panel Endorses Pfizer Shots for 5- to 11-Year-Olds, Experts Say Vaccine for Kids Is 'Unnecessary, Premature and Will Do More Harm Than Good'

Next up for COVID-19 vaccine is children as young as 6 months

Gottlieb: 'Safe' for Partial Vaxxed Kids to Be Near Elderly on Thanksgiving

Costa Rica Mandates Covid Vaccines For All Children

Vienna will start to vaccinate young children without E.U. approval.

Cancer Survivor Says Pfizer Vaccine Injuries 'Far Worse' Than Cancer

To Protect Fauci, The Washington Post is Preparing a Hit Piece on the Group Denouncing Gruesome Dog Experimentations

Beyond #BeagleGate: Fauci's Long History of Atrocities, Including Torturing Children

U.S. federal appeals court freezes Biden's vaccine rule for companies

Biden sets COVID-19 vaccine rules for businesses

Covid-19: Researcher blows the whistle on data integrity issues in Pfizer's vaccine trial

HPV vaccine cutting cervical cancer by nearly 90%

ACIP recommends universal hepatitis B vaccination for adults aged 19 to 59 years

Over 2,000 New York firefighters took medical leave in the fight over COVID-19 vaccine mandates: 'We run into burning buildings for a living. We're not going to be bullied.'

OSHA Gives Workers Until Jan. 4 to Comply With Biden's COVID Vaccine Mandate, Lawmakers Tee Up Lawsuits

Unvaccinated? Don't count on leaving your family death benefits

Troops who refuse COVID vaccines won't be guaranteed veterans benefits, officials warn

'Our Country Is Under Attack': RFK, Jr. Speaks on CIA and Totalitarianism

10 Days and Counting ... You Won't Be Able to Put Down This Book

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