Sep 10, 2023


This Week With Mary and Polly | Sept. 10

Today, Mary Holland and Polly Tommey look into the latest on masking, COVID variants, rabies and more. Viewers won't want to miss this exciting episode of ‘This Week’ on CHD.TV!

Hosts: Mary Holland, J.D., Polly Tommey

*The opinions expressed by the hosts and guests in this show are not necessarily the views of Children’s Health Defense.

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Study finds wearing masks for 30 minutes exposes to toxic chemicals

Politics - Not Science or Health - Behind Return of Mask Mandates, Critics Say

Fauci Admits to Lack of COVID Mask Evidence - but Wants Us to Wear Them Anyway + More

Watch: John Campbell Explains Why He's 'Not Worried' About New COVID Variant and Why Vaccinated Are More at Risk

CDC Shuts Down V-safe App for Reporting COVID Vaccine Injuries, Former FDA Adviser Warns It's a 'Terrible Idea'

Biden to Fund New COVID Vaccine 'for Everybody ... Whether They've Gotten It Before or Not' + More

CDC Advisers Set to Vote on Updated COVID Vaccines Next Month + More

Repeated COVID Shots Driving Dangerous Variants, Turbo Cancers

Biden Sinks $24 Million into mRNA Technology as Part of 'Cancer Moonshot'

Immunising kids responsibility of all people: DG Health

Megan's Story: 'They Told Us Our Daughter Would Never Be Normal'

Watch: CHD's Brian Hooker Talks 'Vax-Unvax' With Kim Iversen

Dr. Pierre Kory: New York Times Guide to Fall Vaccine Shots Is 'Disinformation'

Global 'Thought Crime' Legislation Doomed to Fail, Critic Says

Louisiana Attorney General Files Amicus Brief in CHD's Landmark Suit Against Trusted News Initiative

Appeals Court Rules FDA 'Exceeded Its Authority' by Advising Public Against Use of Ivermectin to Treat COVID

Can Text Messages Sway More Black Parents to Vaccinate Teens for HPV? Rutgers Gets $600k Grant to Find Out

The Massive Campaign to Air-Drop Tiny Rabies Vaccines to Raccoons

More Dog Owners Are Questioning Vaccines Like Rabies After COVID + More

Critics Lash Out at TSA 'Voluntary' Facial Recognition Testing at U.S. Airports

Waterbury schools using pulse scans to track attendance

U.S. Spy Agencies to Launch 'Smart Clothing' Under Guise of 'Better Health Monitoring'

Screen Time for Babies: Unsafe at Any Dose?

Food Isn't What It Used to Be - and Neither Is Public Health

Glyphosate Linked to Severe Depression and Cognitive Decline in U.S. Adults

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