Jan 14, 2024


This Week With Mary & Polly | Jan. 14

Watch ‘This Week’ with hosts Mary Holland and Polly Tommey for the latest on health-related litigation and legislation, medical products, technology, disease rates, the food supply and more. Today, viewers are updated on ongoing and future pandemic policies, COVID variants, the manufacturing of synthetic meat and social media censorship. But that’s not all! Stay tuned for a CHD Bus tour clip with an ER nurse to find out what really took place in hospitals during the pandemic.

Hosts: Mary Holland, J.D., Polly Tommey

*The opinions expressed by the hosts and guests in this show are not necessarily the views of Children’s Health Defense.

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'I Don't Recall': Fauci Unable to Answer Key Questions in Pandemic Probe

Watch: 'A Terrible Truth': COVID Response Was About Profits and Power

CHD Asks Appeals Court to Allow Lawsuit Challenging FDA's Authorization of COVID Shots for Kids to Move Forward

CDC Study Concludes Most Young Children Hospitalized for COVID Were Unvaccinated - After Enrolling 7 Times as Many Unvaxed Kids in Study

New, highly mutated COVID variants 'Pirola' BA.2.86 and JN.1 may cause more severe disease, new studies suggest

Spain reintroduces mandatory face masks over COVID concerns

All eligible children should receive the RSV shot 'as quickly as possible,' CDC says

Watch: 'Mothers Have to Resist': Scientist Warns Against RSV Shots for Newborns

In Philadelphia's measles outbreak, a reminder of the importance of vaccines | Editorial

FDA Violated Agency Guidelines by Promoting Off-Label Use of COVID Shots to Treat Long COVID

Exclusive: Dr. Mary Kelly Sutton Loses Medical License in New York for Writing Eight Vaccine Exemptions in California

Pfizer Seeks Dismissal of Texas Lawsuit Alleging False and Deceptive Marketing of COVID Vaccines

Facebook and YouTube Censored Victims of AstraZeneca COVID Vaccine + More

55 U.S. Doctors Behind Psychiatric Diagnosis Manual Took $14M From Drug Companies

AI Test Examing Retinas Correctly Identifies 100% of Cases of Autism - SafeMinds

'Autism Tsunami': Society's Cost to Care for Expanding, Aging Autism Population Will Hit $5.54 Trillion by 2060

900+ Common Chemicals Linked to Breast Cancer Risk

Drugmakers Hid Suicides, Manipulated Data to Falsely Show Safety in Antidepressant Drug Trials

Lab-Grown Fake 'Chicken' - With a Side of Heavy Metals and Rodent DNA?

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