Sep 24, 2023


This Week With Mary and Polly | Sept. 24

Keep your eyes out for a global power grab — including things like permanent emergency powers, vaccine passports and censorship on social media — coming from various angles. Mary Holland and Polly Tommey discuss the shocking details on ‘This Week.’ Tune in!

Hosts: Mary Holland, J.D., Polly Tommey

*The opinions expressed by the hosts and guests in this show are not necessarily the views of Children’s Health Defense.

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The Globalists Have a Plan for Our Future: Total Control of the Masses

‘Creating a Digital Prison’: WHO Rushes Ahead on Global Digital Health Certificates

‘All Eyes on the WHO’: Critics Warn of Power Grab on Eve of UN Pandemic Declaration Vote

UN President Approves Pandemic Declaration - Privacy Experts Warn of 'Digital Gulag'

Maine Medical Board Puts Dr. Meryl Nass on Probation, Imposes 'Draconian' Sanctions

California Quietly Repeals 'Medical Misinformation' Law Designed to Punish Doctors

'Nightmare,' Some Planning to Get New COVID Vaccine Getting Bills for Nearly $200 + More

‘Definite Causal Link’ Between COVID Vaccine Rollouts and Peaks in All-Cause Mortality, New Study Finds

Megyn Kelly Says COVID Shot Caused Rare Autoimmune Condition

Family Opposes Motion to Dismiss Lawsuit Against DOD Over Death of 24-Year-Old From COVID-Vaccine-Related Myocarditis

Koreans Whose Family Members Died After COVID Shots Get $22,500 'Condolence' Payments

Rhode Island Schools Cling to Ineffective COVID Rules, Ignoring Harms to Kids

U.S., Other Governments Funding 6,000+ Studies on How to Overcome Vaccine Hesitancy

Meta Ordered to Identify Users Who Violated Facebook's 'COVID Misinformation' Policy

Landmark Censorship Case Likely Headed to Supreme Court as Justice Alito Pauses Order Blocking White House From Contact With Social Media

Armed Man Arrested at RFK Jr. Campaign Event in Los Angeles

Baby Who Died 34 Hours After Vaccines Had Toxic Level of Aluminum in His Blood, Report Confirms

Lobbyists Paid 'Influencer' Nutritionists to Promote Aspartame and Sugar to Kids on Social Media

Big Tech's 'Sinister Agenda' Behind Getting Kids Hooked on Technology

CHD 2023 Conference

Million Dollar Match

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