Apr 16, 2023

Risky Weight Loss Jabs, mRNA Livestock + Dirty Doctors - This Week

‘This Week’ — a CHD.TV program where viewers get acquainted with events, breaking news, trending medical literature and further circulating information across a range of health-related topics. Today, Mary and Polly reflect on maternal death rates, vaccine safety signals, mRNA in livestock, weight loss injections and more. Listen in!

Hosts: Mary Holland, J.D., Polly Tommey

*The opinions expressed by the hosts and guests in this show are not necessarily the views of Children’s Health Defense.

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CHD Founder Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. Files to Run for U.S. President

Biden to Spend $5 Billion on New Coronavirus Vaccine Initiative Supported by Gates, Fauci and Republican Lawmakers

Doctors in Kentucky, California Received Millions in Bonus Payments for Vaccinating Medicaid Patients Against COVID


CHD Threatens Lawsuit if D.C. Schools Enforce COVID Vaccine Mandate

World Vaccine Congress: A Report From the Belly of the Beast

U.S. Approves First 3 COVID Vaccine Injury Claims - And Pays Out a Total of $4,634.89

CHD Sues NIH Over Failure to Comply With FOIA Request for Correspondence With COVID Vaccine Injury Victims

Covid jabs will be given to vulnerable BABIES for first time

COVID-19 Vaccination

BBC Veers From Official Narrative, Reports on AstraZeneca Vaccine Injuries and Lawsuit Against the Drugmaker

BBC Drops BOMBSHELL About Vaxx Injuries!

Maternal Death Rates in U.S. Rose Sharply in 2021 - CDC Should Make It a Priority to Find Out Why

Americans Lost 3 Years of Life Expectancy During COVID Pandemic

It's Not 'Deaths of Despair.' It's Deaths of Children


Lab-Created Bird Flu Virus Accident Shows Lax Oversight of Risky 'Gain-of-Function' Research + More

'One Shot Destroyed My Life': Woman Injured by Merck's HPV Vaccine Speaks Out

One Shot Destroyed My Life

How Do We Make Organic, Nutrient-Dense Food Affordable for Everyone?

Weekly Injections for Weight Loss - What Are the Risks?

Childhood Obesity: Drugs and Surgery Top List of American Academy of Pediatrics New Guidelines

Are You Eating Pork Injected With Merck's mRNA Livestock Vaccine?

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