May 11, 2022

‘Ridiculous!’ — Dogs Responsible for Hepatitis Outbreak in Kids? + More

Join Mary Holland and Polly Tommey on this episode of ‘This Week’ for critical news and updates. Today, they discuss VAERS cases, reported high numbers of vaccinated patients dying in clinics, blood clotting in vaccines, illegal mandates in the military and more. Hear about nose spray vaccines, antiviral pills and GMO mosquitos by tuning in!

Hosts: Mary Holland, J.D., Polly Tommey

*The opinions expressed by the hosts and guests in this show are not necessarily the views of Children’s Health Defense.

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‘This Week’ With Mary + Polly: ‘Ridiculous!’: Dogs Responsible for Hepatitis Outbreak in Kids? + More

Mother, 36, most likely died from Covid Pfizer vaccine 11 days after dose, inquest told

FDA: Americans Should Treat COVID-19 Like the Flu

Vaccines are big business: Moderna reports $5.9 billion in one quarter

Rheumatologist: 40% of 3,000 Vaccinated Patients Reported Vaccine Injury, 5% Still Injured

Study of 23 Million People Shows Risk of Myocarditis After COVID Vaccines

Did Moderna Trial Data Predict 'Pandemic of the Vaccinated?'

FDA Limits Use of J&J Vaccine Over Blood Clotting Disorder, But Experts Say Pfizer, Moderna Shots Pose Similar Risk

Army Lieutenant Convicted But Not Punished in First COVID-Related Court-Martial

Military's COVID Vaccine Mandate Violates the Law - Here's Why

Cardiologist Estimates 30 Percent of US Pilots May Have COVID Jab-Induced Heart Conditions

Nose Spray Vaccines Could Quash COVID Virus Variants

NIH Investigating Why Patients Relapse After Taking Pfizer's COVID Antiviral Pill, Paxlovid

CDC restates recommendation for masks on planes, trains

Health chiefs are probing whether DOGS are behind hepatitis outbreak

Florida to Release Billions More GMO Mosquitoes Despite Health, Safety Concerns

California Bill Would Strip Licenses From Doctors Who Spread COVID 'Misinformation'

Bill allowing preteen vaccines without parental OK advances

CHD California Scores Two Big Wins Against Public School Vaccine Mandates

20 AGs Demand Biden Disband 'Orwellian' Disinformation Governance Board, Threaten Legal Action

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