Aug 3, 2022

MMR + COVID-19 Combo Vaccine for Kids, Injury Cover-Up, Big Wins for Medical Freedom + More With Megan Redshaw

Increasing reported deaths and adverse events after COVID injection, and they still want to create more vaccines for new and upcoming viruses? On today’s ‘This Week,’ Megan Redshaw and Polly Tommey break down critical articles on topics that have implications for your family’s life — from food to medicine, gas to education. Hear about monkeypox and malaria madness as well as abuses of power coming from Capital Hill and beyond, affecting every corner of the world.

Hosts: Mary Holland, J.D., Polly Tommey

*The opinions expressed by the hosts and guests in this show are not necessarily the views of Children’s Health Defense.

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43% of Parents 'Definitely' Won't Vaccinate Young Kids for COVID, Survey Says

FDA, CDC Sold Out America's Children - Could Their Betrayal Bring Down the Entire Childhood Vaccine Program?

$10.3 Million Settlement Reached in First COVID Vaccine Mandate Class Action Suit Involving Healthcare Workers

Showering in Cold Water Causing Heart Attacks? 'This Week' With Mary + Polly

CDC Official Used Flawed Data to Justify COVID Shots for Infants and Children, Analysis Shows

Biden again tests positive for COVID, says he feels fine

Uni student 'dies of joy' after hearing he had passed exams with flying colours

Heart attack: Study says this shower habit could lead to a heart attack

Inventing Diagnoses to Cover Up Vaccine Injury - a Con as Old as Vaccination Itself

Biden, Pharma Pressured Top FDA Officials to Approve Booster Timeline, Emails Reveal

Amazon Sets Off Alarm Bells With 'Dangerous' $3.9 Billion Bid to Buy Healthcare Chain

U.S. approves nearly 800,000 more doses of monkeypox vaccine

Monkeypox: First deaths outside Africa in Brazil and Spain

Pfizer Board Member Predicts Monkeypox Will Become a 'Public Health Failure'

Attorney 'Thrilled' After Federal Judge Blocks COVID Vaccine Mandate for Air Force, Air National Guard

Nova Scotia quietly opens vaccine bookings to children over 6 months

'A long time coming': Parents book COVID vaccines for little kids in Ontario

Incorporating a coronavirus antigen into MMR vaccine to produce COVID-19 immunity in kids

Malaria vaccine in clinical trials could reduce deaths by 75 percent

Safety and Immunogenicity of the Malaria Vaccine, R21/MatrixM, in Healthy Thai Adults

10 Symptoms of Malaria

Tylenol Use in Babies, Children Raises Risk of Autism, New Review Shows

Does Bill Gates Have a 'Great Reset' Plan to Privatize Global Food System?

CHD: Big Pharma Archives

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