Jun 8, 2022

Metaverse Madness + How a ‘Corporate Created Universe’ Will Usher in the Fourth Industrial Revolution

Merging bodies and technology doesn’t seem as far off as it did just years ago. The possibility for virtual babies, implants in the brain and life behind a pair of goggles is close, if not here already. In this episode of ‘This Week,’ viewers hear news stories and articles on the technological agenda as well as information on new vaccines, monopolizing the food industry, CDC tracking through cell phones and more.

Hosts: Mary Holland, J.D., Polly Tommey

*The opinions expressed by the hosts and guests in this show are not necessarily the views of Children’s Health Defense.

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'Horrific' Article Predicts Artificial Babies Within 50 Years: 'This Week' With Mary + Polly

White House: 1st Shots for Kids Under 5 Possible by June 21

Prior COVID Won't Shield Kids From Omicron, But Vaccine Might

Action Alert: Tell the FDA to Get Their #HandsOffOurChildren

Comic book for child vaccination comes to save the day

Pediatrician: Data Is ‘Irrefutable’ — COVID Vaccines Are Dangerous for Kids

Vaccine injury compensation programs overwhelmed as congressional reform languishes

Will FDA Allow Pfizer, Moderna to Skip Clinical Trials for Future COVID Vaccines?

We’ll have ‘virtual’ babies within 50 years, AI expert predicts

WEF Launches ‘Metaverse’ Initiative, Predicts Digital Lives Will Become ‘More Meaningful to Us Than Our Physical Lives’

Future of Education? WEF’s Vision — Heavy on Virtual Reality and AI Technologies, Light on Privacy Concerns

Is Monkeypox a Smokescreen for Global Health Power Grab?

$9.8 Million Awarded Last Year by Fauci’s Agency to Test Monkeypox Treatment

U.S. to Get 36,000 More Monkeypox Vaccine Doses This Week, HHS Says

Don’t Listen to Monkeypox ‘Fear Porn,’ Dr. Robert Malone Tells RFK, Jr.

How the Pandemic Led to Corruption at World Health Organization

COVID Lockdowns and Mandates: Will We Let History Repeat Itself?

GSK’s measles vaccine now approved for use in U.S.

What is MRC-5?

Team Develops New Pneumococcal Vaccine

How Advertisers’ ‘Invisible Strings’ Control What You Read and Watch

DOJ asks federal appeals court to reverse order lifting travel mask mandate

CDC Bought Cell Phone Data to Track Americans During Lockdowns

Globalists Are Taking Over the Food System — It’s Part of Their Plan to Control You

Consumer Groups Step Up Pressure on Lowe’s, Home Depot to Stop Selling Cancer-Causing Weedkiller

Air Force members denied religious exemptions to COVID vaccine file lawsuit to stop punishment, terminations

Doctors Sue FDA, Allege Crusade Against Ivermectin ‘Unlawfully Interfered’ With Their Ability to Treat Patients

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