Feb 25, 2024


Chinese Hamster Ovaries, Pre Bunking & Allergy Drugs + Non-Toxic Kids

“A depopulation agenda is something we have to be looking at and talking about” — Mary Holland and Polly Tommey weigh in on current events from across the globe on ‘This Week,’ including censorship litigation, food allergy shots, mercury in dental fillings, adverse event reporting, vaccine injury compensation and much, much more. Listen to the jam-packed episode on CHD.TV!

Plus, Dr. Michelle Perro’s awakening to the state of children’s health has a compelling origin. She began as a conventional practitioner, but “because of parents,” Dr. Perro “realized that the rise in chronic health issues” stems from exposure to “the gamut of toxins and toxicants affecting and assaulting our children.” This discovery completely altered the trajectory of her practice. Find out more about Dr. Perro’s journey and her research into what we put in, on and around our bodies in this week’s ‘Pediatric Perspectives’ on CHD.TV!

Hosts: Mary Holland, J.D., Polly Tommey

*The opinions expressed by the hosts and guests in this show are not necessarily the views of Children’s Health Defense.

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