Feb 14, 2023

Why Legislative Hearings Matter + Bills With Hearings This Week in AR, AZ, ME, NE, NH, SD + TN

‘Advocacy Lifeline’ host, Dawn Richardson, shares tips for advocating in legislative committee hearings as well as updates on bills in seven states. Tune in to this episode for information on sharing your testimony, upcoming hearings and more.

Hosts: Dawn Richardson

*The opinions expressed by the hosts and guests in this show are not necessarily the views of Children’s Health Defense.

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AZ, HB 2303, Prohibits an Employer From Requiring or Requesting an Employee’s Vaccination Records as a Condition of Employment

SD, HB 1235, Allows for Conscientious Belief Exemptions to COVID-19 Vaccine Mandates for Employees & Students, Except Certain Health Care Workers & National Guard

AR, SB 8, Establishes a Criminal Offense of Vaccine Harm for Pharmaceutical Company Executive Officers

NE, LB 421, Requires Local Health Directors to Issue & Enforce Directed Health Measures, That Could Include Vaccination, Adopted by City Councils/County Boards

NH, HB 539, Requires Parental/Guardian Presence for Minor Vaccination During School Vaccination Clinics & Restricts Hours of School Vaccination Clinics

SD, SB 125, Prohibits Any Entity but the Legislature To Be Able To Impose Additional Immunization Requirements on Children

TN, HB 252/SB 644, Exempts Home School Students From Immunization Requirements Applicable to Students Attending Nursery School, Preschool, or K-12

AZ, SB 1703, Prohibits a Person in Loco Parentis From Being Able to Consent to Vaccination of a Child

AZ, SB 1433, Requires Employers Requiring COVID-19 Vaccination for Employment, Who Deny Religious Exemptions, To Be Liable for Serious Injuries Caused by Vaccine

ME, LD 282 / HP 180, Allows Department of Health & Human Services To Authorize Standing Vaccine Orders for Certain State Funded Medical Programs

NH, HB 408, Requires Vaccine Exemption Rights and Non-altered Vaccine Schedule for Children Living in Foster Home Who Are Not Foster Children

NH, HB 425, Repeals Medical Freedom in Immunizations Law as Passed on July 23 2021

NH, HB 557, Removes the Rule-making Authority of the Commissioner of Health and Human Services on Immunization Requirements Beyond Diseases in Statute

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