Mar 12, 2024

Minor Consent, Major Problem: Bills to Pass & Kill in 2024

In Alabama and across the United States, the rights of parents are under attack. Moms and dads, in all corners of the country, have a choice to make: Either they can back down and watch in silence, or they can make their voices heard. On ‘Advocacy Lifeline,’ viewers learn about health-related legislation — such as on the topic of minor consent. Catch today’s episode to get educated, empowered and prepared for action; join the fight for medical freedom!

Bills Discussed

Alabama AL HB 165

Hawaii HI HR 50

Illinois IL HB 5473

Iowa IA SF 2196

IA SF 2064

IA HF 2044

Louisiana LA HB 711

Massachusetts MA H.2151/S.1458

Mississippi MS HF 885/SF 576

MN HF 1860/SF 1106

MN SF 2277

MN SF 2278

New York NY A276B/S762A

NY S6103

North Carolina NC SB 560

Oklahoma OK SB 279

South Carolina SC H.3197/S.234

SC H.2485/S.743

Tennessee TN HB 2157 / SB 2140

Vermont VT S.151

Wisconsin WI AB 428/SB 428

Wyoming WY HB 44

WY HB 57

Hosts: Dawn Richardson

*The opinions expressed by the hosts and guests in this show are not necessarily the views of Children’s Health Defense.

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