Apr 3, 2024

Your First Amendment Rights Are on the Table

Murthy v. Missouri is not just about receiving justice for the government’s unlawful + totalitarian infringement on the First Amendment during COVID. Murthy v. Missouri is about securing + affirming YOUR First Amendment rights in the future.

If the U.S. government + social media companies are permitted by SCOTUS to continue in the same pattern of corrupt censorship, it won’t be long before we are ALL banned from voicing our opinions on these platforms.

Listen to the Murthy v. Missouri oral arguments👇 https://live.childrenshealthdefense.org/chd-tv/events/murthy-v-missouri-or-oral-arguments-or-mar-18/murthy-v-missouri-oral-arguments-march-18/

*The opinions expressed by the hosts and guests in this show are not necessarily the views of Children’s Health Defense.

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