The Attack on Food Symposium + Solutions to Fight Back

The Attack on Food Symposium + Solutions to Fight Back

The Attack on Food Symposium and Solutions to Fight Back


Saturday, March 4 — 9am PT | 12pm ET

Hosted by Meryl Nass, M.D. Presented by Children's Health Defense TV

Opening Remarks

Session 1 Attacks on Food & Agriculture — Alexis Baden-Mayer | Benjamin Dobson | André Leu | Abby Rockefeller | Patrick Wood | James Corbett | Joe Mercola | Stephanie Seneff

Session 2 Solutions for Farmers — | Ronnie Cummins | André Leu | Mark Fulford | Bonnie Mallard

Session 3 Solutions for Individuals — | John Day | Beverly Johannson | Sara Woods Kender | Zen Honeycutt

Session 4 Societal Solutions — | Alexis Baden-Mayer | Heather Retberg | Ben Banks-Dobson

Show Links:

Demonstration Farms

Jubilee Justice | Rodale Institute | Polyface Farms | Adam Chappell | Adam Chappell TW | Stone House Farm | OCA Farm Map | Billion Agave Project | Regeneration International | Organic Consumers Association |

Community Connections

Weston A. Price Foundation | Raw Milk Finder | Neighborhood Food Network | CSA Finder: Local Harvest | Farmish App | Farm Match | Worldwide Opportunities of Organic Farms |


Food Freedom Foundation | Maine Food Sovereignty Law | Maine Food Sovereignty Law Legislative Document |

Rep. Thomas Massie’s Bills:

Prime Act | Interstate Milk Freedom Act |

Hosts: Meryl Nass, M.D.

Mar 10, 2023

Food Sovereignty = Complete Ecosystems — Mark Fulford

Mark Fulford is an independent farmer, farm consultant & boots-on-the-ground trouble shooter and Ag educator. Farming In Waldo County, Maine since 1979 Working till present promoting alternatives to mainstream agriculture in service of food sovereignty and soil repair. Currently developing Systems of Crop Intensification with local and global organizations while mentoring new farmers. Presenter, field researcher, and writer for revealing and healing the many missteps of corporate driven agriculture. Providing field days for hands on agricultural skills. Active throughout US and Puerto Rico, Globally travelled and self educated to bring truth and fresh approaches to farmers seeking self determination and farm integrity. Dedicated to exposing the willful destruction of our soils, water sheds, local and global food supplies. Promoting the removal of middlemen and agency interference as farmers seek to tell the real story of food production to consumers.

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