Live From London — Ex-Military March on Parliament

Live From London — Ex-Military March on Parliament

All UK call signs with military experience you are requested to apply for enrollment with fellow UK ex-military service personnel. We are currently going to March on parliament on the 8th of September, headdress to be worn.

You will be required to prove military experience.

Please remember we only advocate legal forms of protest and resistance.

If you are interested then please get in touch with.

Royal Marines @bellzaac Army @Juliethotel33 Navy @billybob999 RAF @Thelastpeopleonearth

Below the archived live is the edited interview with an ex-military, ex-Pfizer, senior lawyer.

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Sep 8, 2021

Interview With Ex-military, Ex-Pfizer, Senior Lawyer

Watch the interview with an ex-military, Ex-Pfizer, senior lawyer from the 2021 Veterans March in London. She speaks to her journey of discovery and legal challenges to COVID vaccination. Hear her perspective on minor consent law and the “live human experiment” taking place.

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