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Vaxxed 2 Panel

The following is a transcript of this webinar.

– Hello, everybody. Welcome back to Q and A.

– Hi.

– We have everybody here; what an amazing panel. And everybody here is in the film, in the movie. So, I’m going to go through everybody, and I’m going to ask them to quickly remind you who they are. I think we’ll start with Brian Hooker, which probably needs absolutely no introduction. But I will say to you all there would be no “Vaxxed I” and there would be no “Vaxxed II” without Brian Hooker. So to you, Brian. Thank you.

– Oh. My pleasure and my honor. Thank you. I’m Brian Hooker. I am a PhD biochemical engineer, and I am currently serving as the chief scientific officer for Children’s Health Defense.

– Dr. Paul.

– Hi. Thanks, everybody. I’m Paul Thomas, pediatrician in Portland, Oregon. I wrote “The Vaccine-Friendly Plan”. I am now the host of “Against the Wind: Doctors and Science Under Fire.” And happy to be here with everybody.

– Thank you. Nico LaHood.

– Hi. My name is Nico LaHood. I’m a lawyer. I used to be the district attorney here in San Antonio, Texas. We call it Bear County. I’m a husband, I’m a daddy of four, and one of our children is vaccine injured. And I’m not afraid to speak the truth.

– Kari Bundy.

– Hi, I’m Kari Bundy. I’m featured in the film, and my son Mason was four months old when he died after his vaccines. I also have a Facebook page, Kari Bundy Health Activist, that reaches about 20,000 people. And I am the translations coordinator here at Children’s Health Defense.

– Well, fantastic. So we’ve only got an hour, so let’s get straight on with it. We’ve got some questions already that people sent in advance. I’m going to go straight to you, Brian. And everybody here, jump in if you have something to say on this. So the question to you, Brian, is how can they say that vaccines are safe and effective when we have just seen all the injuries in “Vaxxed II”?

– That’s a really good question. I’m glad that it was asked. One of the things that you have to remember is that the officials in the government; especially, in the Department of Health and Human Services, that would be the CDC, the FDA, and the National Institutes of Health: these are policy forming bodies. These bodies are not held to the truth. They are held to more the standard that they are going to make policy decisions in order to get the population to do exactly what they want. They have objectives for the population to follow. And what they’re doing when they communicate policy and when they communicate “science” they’re communicating in order to get society to behave in a way that they want you to behave. So, there are tons of vaccine injuries. Everybody on this panel has lived through a vaccine injury, personally. If you look at especially in the era of Covid-19 with the VAERS database, there are almost 600,000 vaccine injuries reported alone in the United States on the VAERS database. And so, that’s such a good question. And there’s a stark contrast from what the CDC, from what the FDA says and what we see every day as reality.

– So basically, it’s a barefaced lie. So, Nico, why can’t we do something about it? That right there on our media, everywhere else, is this consistent barefaced lie that vaccines are safe and effective?

– Yeah. Well, the thing that I’ve been worried about from the beginning is the censorship. I’m a small government-big citizen guy. The bigger the government the smaller the citizen. I believe in freedoms. I believe in education. I believe in making decisions that’s best for you and for your children. And the problem is that you have this synergistic effect between an ideology in government, an ideology in media, an ideology in Hollywood, an ideology in fill in the blank; and so they’re controlling the message. And that’s unfortunate, because then if you don’t get the full scope of a situation, just like when I’m in trial, when I’m in work… When the government accuses, when I used to be the government and we used to accuse; or if the government accuses one of our clients of something; if someone were to censor our defense, well, then that would put the citizen accused in not an advantageous situation. And so, the problem is we have the wrong people in power and we’re not being effective enough, and it’s not that we’re not trying. It’s just that we’re up against a lot of odds, so we have to continue to try. And as my pop taught me, the squeaky wheel gets the grease, right?

– Right. Alright. So over to you, Dr. Paul. Dr. Franz in “Vaxxed II” saw no SIDS in babies not vaccinated in the first year, so in the first year none of her children, babies, sorry, were vaccinated. Are you seeing the same in your clinic? I mean, I don’t know if you vaccinate under one-year-olds, but-

– Sure.

– The question is, is it real?

– Good question. In my practice we have not had a single case of SIDS. We do vaccinate. We also have a very large unvaccinated population. We basically just do informed consent and the patients decide. Almost all the patients born into my practice, save one or two families, are following a slower schedule than the CDC, a much slower schedule. And thus, we have data ranging from over 500 unvaccinated kids born under the practice to a couple thousand who are variably vaccinated. And no SIDS in that group, or actually ever in my practice. There’s two issues. One is SIDS is relatively rare. So, it is possible if you have a small sample size, you won’t see SIDS even if you are following the CDC schedule. We know it’s been published that SIDS clusters around the few days after vaccination. It does not cluster on the few days before vaccination. So, there’s definitely a correlation there and it fits with what I’ve seen.

– Thank you. Kari Bundy, you go into detail in “Vaxxed II” about how you were, this person is saying, bullied really into vaccinating Mason. You raised your concerns, yet still, the pediatrician said to you you could sign, and correct me if I’m wrong, his death certificate if you do not give this whooping cough vaccine. This question is, how do these people deal with the doctors? What’s your going-forward advice to these parents? Because it’s relentless. Mute.

– Sorry. You have to find a doctor that you can trust. And that is probably the most important piece of advice is your healthcare has to be coming from someone that is willing to let you ask questions and willing to let you make decisions that are different from theirs. And really, that’s the hallmark of a provider, anyway, is finding someone that is willing to listen to your goals for your health and walking that journey with you, or with your child in this instance.

– And Dr. Paul, do you have any advice as a doctor on how to deal with bullying doctors?

– Yeah. Leave! So my practice, I’d say a large percentage of the patients coming to my practice were actually discharged, in other words bullied, by another practice in town who told them if they don’t follow the CDC schedule, they’re out. And so, these families who don’t want to follow the CDC schedule, once they’ve been given good information, or they usually have better information than their doctors have, they’re going to seek an ethical doctor who’s at least going to listen to them and honor informed consent. Bullying is happening on all sorts of levels. Our governor here in Oregon just today announced that healthcare providers have to be fully vaccinated, including Covid. Well, it’s all about Covid actually. They have to have the Covid series, no option for testing, or they cannot practice. That’s going to be implemented in October. If there was ever coercion and bullying, how about that?

– I had a question for Nico, but it looks like he’s jumped off. We’ll get him back soon, hopefully. Right. Let’s go over to Brian. Brian, of course Covid… And maybe Paul can answer this as well, I don’t know, but we’ll start with you, Brian. Do we know what is in these Covid shots? All of the ingredients. Do we know the full extent of ingredients in the Moderna, in the Pfizer, in the Johnson & Johnson?

– We know what they’ve told us, and we know what’s on the packet insert. And that’s enough to give me pause right there. We’ve got messenger RNA. Now, messenger RNA itself encodes for what’s called the spike protein on the coronavirus or Covid-19 virus structure. Okay? And that spike protein is what causes the pathology: it’s what does the damage when you get Covid-19; it’s what causes the symptoms of Covid-19. In addition, that’s encapsulated with a compound called polyethylene glycol. It’s a compound that you would also find in antifreeze. It’s a slightly different formulation, but what that polyethylene glycol does is it allows the messenger RNA to go through the cell wall, or cell membrane, and go directly into human cells once that vaccine is administered. What that also allows it to do is to get out into the bloodstream and cross the blood-brain barrier. So, the messenger RNA could indeed be traveling to your brain. They’ve done studies and they found that it travels to internal organs and to… Primarily in females, to the ovaries. And so, there are a lot of different concerns. And I don’t want to break down all of the different components of the vaccine, that would be really tedious. But just the fact that the messenger RNA technology, this is the first time this has been deployed as a vaccine technology worldwide. So, it’s a grand medical experiment. And the fact that polyethylene glycol, fully 75% of the population, when tested, raises up antibodies to polyethylene glycol. That means that they can have an auto-immune or they can have an immune reaction directly against the vaccine, which would render the vaccine ineffective. And it could also cause auto-immunity problems in the future.

– And just so everybody knows, everyone listening, Brian Hooker is going to be having his own show on Children’s Health Defense starting in September. And I’m sure he’s going to break this right down. When he says he hasn’t got time to go through it, he will have time to go through it. So, keep your eyes peeled. Sign up for The Defender. Nico, good to have you back. Question.

– Thank you.

– This has come in for you. What can we do from a legal perspective to challenge mandated Covid vax? And one more question just while you’re at it. The military memo is coming in, Nico, saying that the… This particular person is very high up in the military and has put up with having all the shots to date, but this one he’s standing firm because of his God. And he says what can he do? I mean, everybody’s asking this question.

– Yeah. From a military standpoint, Polly, unfortunately, there’s nothing that we’ve seen federally that can be done. I mean, everybody knows that when you sign up for the military, I mean, you belong to the government per se. I mean, it’s not a carte blanche blanket statement but in essence. And then, you get a bunch of vaccines immediately. So, this is just going to be one of those other vaccines. Now, what I would recommend is go to your JAG unit, which is the actual litigation, the legal side of the military, and see if there’s anything specific to the military and in military law. But from a federal standpoint, we haven’t seen it, but there might be some military law in that code. In Texas, our governor rightfully signed an executive order against mandatory vaccines and mandatory masks, by the way, but we’re not talking about that. And then, there was a law passed in June of this year that said that you cannot… Stopping governmental agencies or private agencies that are getting governmental money from mandating vaccines. Now, here’s the rub, ’cause there’s a case out of Houston with nurses that are being mandated to take vaccines and they sued. Well, it didn’t make it in the court, in the lower court, so they’re appealing it up. And right now it’s in the Fifth Circuit and they’re waiting for it to be briefed. It has not been briefed yet, meaning both sides submit briefs and then they set it up for litigation. But that statute from June doesn’t address the worker; the language in the statute talks about the customer. It talks about the people that are receiving services, and it doesn’t specifically enumerate, as we say, the actual worker, that’s the distinction. So that’s going to be a point of contention even here in Texas between the consumer and then the actual employee. So the employees, unfortunately, in Texas, there’s no case law that applies to them. So there’s some argument on whether the executive order applies to them and whether the legislative intent of the law would apply to them. I think that’s an argument that needs to be made, because I believe that if we wanted the protection for the consumer, why wouldn’t that same protection be for the employee as well? But that’s the state of the law in Texas.

– Alright. Thank you, Nico. Brian, how can they mandate Covid shots when they don’t know the long-term safety studies? Dr. Paul might want to jump in on that as well. We don’t know the long-term safety studies, we have no clue. And also, people are asking about fertility as well. Do we know if there’s any link to infertility if that 12-year-old takes the shot?

– Right. I’ll jump in and I’ll need some help regarding the fertility issue from Dr. Paul. But these are approved under what’s called an Emergency Use Authorization, which is probably no news to the people that are viewing right now. The Emergency Use Authorization is not a full FDA approval, and so I think arguably it is very, very difficult to look at somebody and say, we have to mandate an experimental product. This has not cleared FDA trials, the clinical trials. We are the clinical trial right now, and the clinical trial is ongoing. But you still have to take this experimental shot, yet we see that it’s being mandated, and aggressively in some states like in Oregon and also where I live in California, where healthcare workers as well as teachers, including university professors, they’re mandating the Covid shot. I believe with the university professors, they are allowing us to get tested as an alternative. But there are many, many concerns with that. And I believe that there are legal arguments that could be brought to bear. My advice is to somebody, if you are not going to take the shot and you are being mandated for employment to take the shot, wait until you’re fired, do not quit. Do not quit.

– That was the question just coming in for Nico LaHood. Do we walk out or do we wait to get fired? Because there must be some compensation coming down when this world wakes up to this.

– Well, hopefully. What people say is, can the government do that? And I always ask people, are you going to resist it or fight it? Well, no. Well, then they can do it. So, what are you prepared to do? You have to make that analysis between you, your spouse, your family. People ask me all the time about civil disobedience. What does that mean? Well, that means that you civilly, that means do it orderly: I’m not going to advocate for anarchy or for violence, or anything of that nature. But civilly disobey, and then you get arrested, and then now you have an opportunity to challenge the constitutionality of what happened. Until you’re arrested, you can’t challenge the constitutionality. Now, I’m not encouraging you to do that. I’m telling you how I’ve answered questions about what civil disobedience is. And so, when you bring the constitution into an argument, obviously it’s a stronger argument. Without the constitution, you can file temporary restraining orders. You have to have a hearing. You can try to what we call in the law enjoin a governmental agency or some type of business from doing something. It’s a restraining order. And then, you get into the political world. Even the judges, you know exactly where they’re at and what political party affiliation. And it’s really unfortunate that people are blindfolding themselves. I mean, Lady Justice wears a blindfold for a reason, meaning she doesn’t give a crap about what political party you belong to. It’s what is the truth? And do we follow that truth to its logical conclusion, because ideas, and here’s what I leave with you, ideas have consequences. Is it a good idea? Forget about politics. Forget about everything else right now. Is it a good idea to jam an experimental thing, I’ll let the doctors define what that is, shot in the arm of a child or even an adult without knowing the consequences of it? And then, not hold those people accountable? Because as we all know they cannot be sued. Someone had a question about that as well. That’s not a good idea in my book. And every lawyer in the country should be upset with that, but. So, I’ll leave it at that for now, Polly.

– Alright. Good. This is a question that’s come in for everybody, so anyone who wants to pick this up. It’s a great question. How do you respond to those who say the benefits of vaccines outweigh the risk of injury? And of course, we see that in all the mainstream media and also the people who know not what they say.

– That’s an evidence question for me, so I’ll go first. And I’ll let the doctors clean up my mess. That’s an evidence question. I mean, see, we give too much over to the other side. When the government or when someone comes in and says, “your client’s guilty”; do I say, “oh, you’re right. I’m so sorry, sorry to offend you”? No, you say what’s the evidence? So when someone says the benefits outweigh the risks, I say, okay. Convince me, ’cause man, I’ll go back to vaccinating my kids. What’s the evidence? And then, you’ll hear Jeopardy music, and they don’t know what the hell they’re talking about. And then, you can provide a couple of bits of evidence: the Israel study and all this stuff, and VAERS as Dr. Hooker mentioned before. It should horrify people. And then, so we just have to educate ourselves. And I’m going to say this, Polly, and I’ll pass it on. And you know me, I’m a Christian where I think we all share the same faith. We prayed before this; and I really enjoyed it, Dr. Hooker. But Hosea 4:6 says, “My people perish for lack of knowledge.” James 1:5 says that if any man lacks wisdom, ask and it’ll be given to you abundantly. So, we need to pray for wisdom. Wisdom is found in the counsel of many. Go to people that don’t have a stake in the matter but that are truth warriors and scavengers for truth, as I say. And then, you pray about it, and then you make a decision that’s best for you. I can’t make that decision for you, but I can analyze evidence with the best of them. And there is no evidence to back up that claim, that indictment, that claim that you just said, Polly. And so, we need to stop and pause and say, what’s the evidence? And then, the conversation will go very differently. Excellent.

– Well, actually, the evidence is there. I just analyzed it with Dr. Eley for my next show. And if you are 40 years or younger, just using the CDC data, it is more dangerous to get the vaccine using their data. The death rate is more dangerous for 40 and under. 40 to 50, it’s a wash. And above 50, the CDC data for now shows it’s beneficial just if you’re looking at deaths for those over the age of 50. So already, the side effects… And we’re just looking at death. I mean, the rest of it’s way more prevalent. If you look at auto-immunity, if you look at these heart things, you look at the neurological damage, it’s astronomical. This vaccine should no longer be on the market, period, but just looking at the evidence it’s not there anymore.

– Dr. Thomas, what about Pfizer study? In Pfizer study didn’t they have 16 deaths, the vaxxed versus unvaxxed? I mean, like you said, I like to look at their evidence. When you look at the CDC and all the different… So, I thought that was an excellent point, and then not to mention the serious injuries. Because you look at VAERS, it’s broken up into deaths. Well, it’s broken up to adverse events, deaths, and then serious injuries. And they all suck. I mean, so… I mean, sorry, that’s not a medical term. It’s just my term. They all suck, right?

– Yeah.

– Alright. Good. This is a question for you, Kari. Someone is asking, “Can our babies go to school without vaccines?”

– They absolutely can go to school without vaccines. Most states have medical and religious exemptions. Some don’t like California. We’re kind of entering the worst time ever to try to get a religious or medical exemption for your child. But in most states, yes, your kids can go to school.

– Homeschooling? Just kidding. Alright. Okay. Bella is just here on my right writing down the questions from you all here. And she says here, there are lots of questions re spike proteins. Is there any evidence that transmission is happening from vaxxed to unvaxxed? Does anyone want to take that one on?

– I’ll start, and if anybody wants to jump in that’s great. The spike protein can shed. There is a biological mechanism for setting to occur. And the way that occurs, when a spike protein is produced, remember the spike protein is not in the vaccine itself. Only the genetic code, the messenger RNA, for the spike protein is in the vaccine. So when that injection is made, then you become a production factory of that spike protein. And wherever the messenger RNA goes, then your human cells then are programmed to make that spike protein. And it’s according to Pfizer, their data said or they claim that the spike protein would be produced for about two weeks. We now know that the spike protein is being produced in humans much longer than that. And the spike protein is also genetically engineered, so it occurs on the surface of cells. And when that happens, when cells slough off of the human body, that spike protein also sloughs off. And they are small mini-cells that are called exomes that will contain the spike protein. And the exomes are jettisoned from your body, and then that can spread to bystanders. Now, the bystander effect, it has not been measured. There are anecdotal reports of people coming down with illness. Babies from nursing mothers who were vaccinated coming down with illness with exposure with breast milk. Others that had more close contact rather than casual contact coming down with symptoms. But indeed, the biological mechanism is there.

– And, Brian, I could ask you, I would assume that the shedding is going to happen in the nasopharynx, so coughing, sneezing, and then in your bowel movements.

– That is correct. That is correct. The most active tissue would be the nasopharynx. There is skin sloughing off, but those cells are so dead that they probably do not have the capability of making spike protein. But I would say in the nasopharynx that’s where you’re going to get these smaller mini-cells called exomes, and then in being in contact with fecal material. And then, obviously things like breast milk.

– Yeah.

– Dr. Paul, a quick question in for you. If you have a newborn baby, would you advise…? And this is a difficult question, but maybe you could even take… Or anyone can answer this. Would you advise maybe breeding newly Covid vaccine-injured…? I mean, Covid-vaccinated people. Is there any danger to a brand-new baby being around these people?

– Well, we can only speculate based on exactly what Brian said, that there may potentially be some risk of exposure. So, a precautionary principle might advise you to be careful.

– Because I mean, this question has come up quite a lot. Nobody wants to stay away. Nobody wants to do that, ’cause people have said that to us with our kids that are apparently not up-to-date, or unvaccinated, but we’ve got to do what’s best for our family. What do you all recommend? Do you recommend if they’ve been vaccinated for two weeks, we just say, okay, after two weeks or a month, or what say you? Because we don’t want to get sick, and we are. Lots of people reporting. I felt sick again when I’ve been around people that have been vaccinated. It’s true, it’s there.

– Are we talking about vaccinating our children? Right, Polly?

– Sorry.

– Well, I did it both ways. I mean, so I’m an unintended experiment. We have two children that are vaccinated to a certain point and two that have zero vaccines in them.

– Yeah, me too.

– Right? I mean, so… I mean, I didn’t ask for it. I followed along. I went along to get along. I didn’t question doctors. No disrespect to Dr. Thomas or Dr. Hooker, but I just listened. And I question experts for a living, but that’s what we’re trained to do. It’s amazing. And so, I would tell people to truly have informed consent. Get all the questions you have. There is no emergency. Let’s put it that way. I assure you, the vaccine on day one… Let me be really clear. I’m pretty sure. No, I’m very clear about this. Your kid, your one-day-old child is not going to be having sex or doing intravenous drug use on day number one. And that’s the purpose, I mean, theoretically. Right, doctors? Of that first day vaccine, that’s its purpose, at least that’s what it’s told. So that’s absolute insanity to do that. That’s my opinion; I’m entitled to it. If you don’t like it, too bad. But I did that: with our first two kids, we did that and I wish we didn’t. And so, I can tell you that our last two children just in my observations have had zero ear infections. And the first two had ear infections, like Michael, who is on the spectrum of autism now, had so many ear infections we almost had to get tubes in his ears. So I would definitely, seriously pause. And don’t make the game-time decision. This is not a game-time decision. You got nine months, God willing, to decide this. Do your homework. Think about it. Pray about it if you’re a person of faith. Pray about it, seek wisdom from other people, but not people with an agenda. I would not go to a Pfizer representative and ask them if it’s okay to vaccinate, or anybody else. And then, make a decision. But I can say this pretty damn safely, that there’s no need for that theoretical first day vaccine for your one-day-old child. If I’m wrong, I’m happy to be corrected.

– Yeah. No, Nico. You’re absolutely right. Unless the birth mother has hepatitis B herself, then there is some risk to her child. Right? But otherwise, you don’t need a hepatitis B vaccine at birth. I think, Polly, you were wanting to address the Covid vaccine and having your newborn be around someone who’s been vaccinated. Is that what you were getting at?

– That’s something that someone has asked.

– Yeah. I think you should try to be careful for two to four weeks. You should. Just until we know more information. The problem is we just know so little. It’s apparent as Brian was sharing that the shedding is happening. It seems like the vaccinated individuals are concentrating greater viral load in their nasopharynx. So, they actually would probably be more likely to be quote “super spreaders” than the unvaxxed. Now, both vaccinated and unvaxxed can get sick. I mean, you can get Covid. But if you’re vaccinated and you’re concentrating it at a higher level, you may actually be more risky to be around than an unvaccinated person who gets Covid, because their immune system being natural will just deal with it, keep the viral load low and be far less contagious.

– Can a Covid-vaccinated person…? I know for all you, and I can’t see your comments that are screaming at me saying it’s not a vaccine. I know it’s not. But just because it’s easier to say it right now, just between all of us. Can they give you Covid? So if I’m with Brian, Brian’s just had Moderna, can he give me Covid? As many, many people out there are saying, they felt they caught Covid from a vaccinated person. Is that possible?

– If a person is infected with Covid, they can give you Covid regardless of whether they’re vaccinated or unvaccinated. In fact, they’ve done studies recently with the Delta variant and they found that the viral load in people who are infected with Covid is no different between the vaccinated and the unvaccinated. It’s the same viral load. And I would venture to say, as Dr. Paul said, that probably those that are vaccinated are hyper-accumulating the virus in greater quantities than those that are unvaccinated, whose natural immune system is taking care of it.

– Alright. Someone coming in with a very good question here. I’ve had this before. Can the people that have had the shots, and then they pee, can it get into our water? Are we getting infected by our drinking water? Is this getting into our drinking water? We have had some articles just come out this week. Kari Bundy does a lot of the press for Children’s Health Defense and sends me this stuff where they’re already testing the sewage water in a lot of the colleges and various others. What’s the deal? What’s going on? What do we need to do?

– Yeah. The virus is shed through your bowel movements. And I read that study about predicting increases in outbreaks. They could actually look at where outbreaks were going to happen by starting to see an increased count in the sewage. So obviously, you can get this virus through contamination of sewage. If you’re in a daycare and you’re changing diapers, that’s an exposure. But, as with all viruses, wash your hands after changing diapers. You’re probably going to be fine. I mean, people do not need to be running around fearful. As long as you have a robust immune system, your natural immunity can handle this quite nicely.

– Alright. This is a question that’s come in for you all. It says, how can the FDA approve the shot as a vaccine when it does not meet the criteria for a vaccine?

– Well, the FDA can do whatever they want, unfortunately. You’ve got to remember that the FDA is 45% funded by big pharma. Okay? When you have programs that allow pharma to invest directly in the FDA in order to get their products approved, you know there’s a gross conflict of interest there. And so, even though this doesn’t qualify directly as a vaccine, it qualifies as what’s called a biologic. And biologics are approved by a center in the FDA called the Center for Biologics and Associated Research. And that particular center looks at vaccines. It looks at other biological drugs, drugs that are derived primarily from genetic modification or genetic engineering. And that’s how this was approved. It was approved. It’s called a vaccine. That is a misnomer because it is a genetic therapy. It is a gene therapy. Even though it’s RNA and not DNA, I would still classify it as a gene therapy. The definition of a gene therapy is that it produces a protein from genetic material, and that’s what this vaccine is.

– Polly, Dr. Hooker made a great point. So when we talk about this phrase conflict of interest, let me give you an analogy. So when I was district attorney, that means I’m the chief prosecutor in the area. I’m responsible for death penalty cases, capital murders, trying cases and prosecuting people, and making sure justice is ensured. But then, if I had a defense firm that I’m getting paid good money to hopefully get my client’s case dismissed, but then I’m the person that decides on whether the client gets dismissed. That’s the kind of analogy that I use here when you have 45% of the FDA’s salaries, let’s just use common terms, funding is from big pharma. If that’s not a… That is a conflict of interest, I’m rhetorical. I mean, it’s an absolute conflict of interest, and it’s something that needs to change. You don’t have checks and balances, that’s the problem with this scenario. There’s no checks and balances and there’s no accountability. They can do whatever the hell they want, as Dr. Hooker said, and then there’s no consequences. So no consequences, no care. They don’t give a crap.

– Nico, why can’t you, Bobby Kennedy, Mary Holland, and all great, great lawyers that we have, take these people down? Why can’t we?

– They’re protected by statute. What’s there to take down? I mean, you got to vote the right people in office to change the way we do this thing. When the Vaccine Injury Compensation Fund, that was made in 1986, that made them immune you. That’s why I say every lawyer should go bananas. I don’t care where they’re at. I have defense attorney friends, they’ve questioned the government for a living. So the gov, they questioned it, but when it comes to this portion of the government, they don’t? All of the sudden the government’s credible? ‘Cause they sure care about 2nd amendment and 4th amendment, and 14th amendment and the 5th amendment, and the 6th amendment, but the first amendment eh. And then, when the government says this is okay, that’s fine. It’s not logically consistent, and it violates the law of non-contradiction in my humble opinion. So, we got to get the right people in office. And we have to educate people, ’cause there’s a lot of uneducated. I’m not saying that; I mean, ignorant meaning just not knowing. There’s a lot of ignorant people that are voting these fools in office. And this is Republican and Democrat, ’cause Republicans are falling for this thing as well.

– Right. We’re getting questions in about graphene oxide. Is it true that it’s in these shots? What is the purpose of it being in them? And is it in all of them? I don’t know if there’s enough info on that.

– I’ve seen data going both ways. I’ve seen data showing that vaccine vials have been analyzed and they have found graphene oxide, and vaccine vials have been analyzed and they have not found graphene oxide. I just saw some data from Antonietta Gatta from… Gatti, excuse me, from Italy. She works for an outfit called Corvelva, and they’re seeing nanoparticles. They’re seeing small particles that don’t belong in the vaccines that interact adversely with the human bodies, and they’ve seen this in many vaccines before. Now, they’ve released a study where they’ve seen it in the Covid-19 vaccine. So indeed, graphene oxide does form nanoparticles. I’m not saying these nanoparticles are definitively graphene oxide, but again, I’ve seen studies going both ways.

– So apparently, in the inserts of these, if you go to the pharmacy and ask for the insert, it says intentionally blank and it is blank.

– Yes.

– But if you go on the FDA, it’ll say there’s various things in there. But what it does say is if you are allergic to any of the ingredients in these shots, you shouldn’t take them. Well, how do we know what the ingredients are? We haven’t been told. Nico, is there not something lawyer-ish we can do there?

– You have to ask. No. I mean, it should be there. I mean, informed consent meaning you’re informed. I mean, so again, it’s the squeaky wheel getting the grease. Unfortunately, we’re behind this argument, this battle because corporations are buying into this. You got corporations putting pressure on employees. You have school boards that, I mean, you talk to them individually like, “Yeah. I know, but…” I said, “I don’t want to hear about your big ‘but’.” Why don’t you say, but there’s freedom, but there’s education. You’re supposed to be teaching our children truth, and objective truth not relative truth. And so, this is the problem, Polly. I mean, there truly has to be an organic kind of under swelling of knowledge and with different platforms that are being done. Think about it: I mean, if you have to censor someone to win an argument, or call them names, then you have a crappy argument. I mean, I liked “My Cousin Vinny” too, but when he said everything he said was, excuse my language, bullshit, that’s not a good argument. I mean, that’s just a soundbite. And we’re living in the soundbite world and that’s unfortunate.

– Alright. There’s a question in for me. I’m going to take it anyway. So it’s saying, are any of the vaccines safe and effective? No. Moving on. What do you say when people bring up polio? I’ll let you guys answer that.

– I’m sorry; what was the question again, Polly?

– Polio. We’re moving on from there’s no such thing as a safe and effective vaccine. I don’t want to hear from any of you, if you’ve got another opinion on that. It’s end of. What do you think when people bring up polio? So, we’ve obviously got some people on here who are not part of our movement, because some of the questions are going that way. Which is good, right? Welcome in, peeps.

– Welcome in, absolutely. Polio has been rebranded in different terminology. It is still with us in society. It can be called transverse myelitis. It can be called Guillain-Barré syndrome. There are other types of specific… When it affects specific organs, there are other subtypes that you would classify as a polio. But polio itself as a virus was not as prevalent as… When you see these pictures of all these kids that were in iron lungs in the 1940s and the 1950s, those pictures were more propaganda pictures. And it was not the epidemic that we have been led to believe. And when the vaccine was first produced, it was a live virus vaccine. In fact, my son was old enough to get a live virus vaccine. And now, what we’re finding is that the cases of polio that do crop up are probably more aligned to the vaccine and due to vaccine failure in the fact that the live virus that’s in the vaccine is causing polio itself.

– I’d just like to welcome the other side over to our comments right now. I mean, really, truly, this is what we’ve been wanting for ages to have these discussions. So, welcome.

– But Polly, we should encourage this.

– Yes.

– When I post something on Instagram, or if I get in a conversation, I never get into name calling. I get passionate, but I don’t get emotional. There’s a difference. We don’t do good on emotions. The passion’s good. I encourage it. I try to reason people. Look, I did it their way. I mean, I’m not some gypsy that whatever. I mean, I did it their way. I care about my children. I care about everybody’s children. I care about the future of this country and our health. So, we should encourage these conversations and have an agreement. If anybody goes into a conversation thinking already that they cannot learn something, then they’re cynical. They’re not skeptical. I always encourage open-minded skepticism, because a skeptic and a cynic are different. A skeptic is someone that says, “Hey, you know what? I disagree with you. I have a different opinion. I want to hear what you… Oh, you know what? That makes sense.” And a skeptic will conform to the truth and then champion the truth, ’cause they’ve learned the truth. A cynic. I mean, if you walk on water, they’re going to say you can’t swim. I mean, no matter what you tell them, they’re not going to conform. So, I always go into a conversation literally thinking maybe I can learn something, and then that’s it. And then, I encourage that from the other side. And then, of course, be respectful and just be passionate. And let’s push each other and challenge… Not push literally, but challenge each other. And then, be committed to the truth. So, welcome.

– Yeah. Welcome. Just to remind the new people coming in that don’t know who we are, or have not watched “Vaxxed II”. Every single person you’re looking at right now did vaccinate their children to various different degrees. Kari Bundy’s son passed away following a vaccine. My son is brain injured as is Nico’s. I don’t want to speak on behalf of everybody else, but we all did vaccinate. So just remember, it’s very important when you throw anti-vaxxers out at us, we did vaccinate ourselves and our children. Alright. So, questions coming in from them. Why are millions of people dying of Covid if natural immunity can handle it? Is that the question?

– [Bella] And should we get a vaccine or not?

– And lots of people are asking if they should get… Lots of people apparently on here asking if they should get the Covid vaccine. I’ll let you guys answer that.

– I would contest, you know, what would consist of a Covid death and a death with Covid. We have to take a look at those numbers and we have to understand what those numbers are. If you look at the death rates in the United States, I know it’s over half a million deaths in the United States. But when you look at the actual mortality of where Covid is being affected, it’s the elderly, it’s people with comorbidities. There are a lot of other issues. I’m not saying that Covid can’t kill people. I am not saying that, but I’m also saying that vaccines are not the only intervention. That it seems like the science on treating Covid is being suppressed as much as the science around vaccination and the science around the problems with the vaccines. There are ways to treat Covid. We’re not saying, “Oh. Well, no vaccine, nothing.” We’re basically saying, why don’t we look at exactly what we’re putting in our body in response to the Covid pandemic, and then make logical, effective choices based on that, whether it be hydroxychloroquine, whether it be ivermectin. And these things that are, you know. It’s very odd that these therapeutics are being suppressed by the federal government. And the federal government, it’s making it harder and harder, especially in the case of hydroxychloroquine, in order to get these therapeutics if you are sick with Covid.

– Let me address that a little bit, that question. Here’s the bottom line, folks. The PCR test that was rolled out to diagnose cases of Covid is a faulty test. The CDC has pulled their own test, because they were using a cycle of amplification number of 36 or higher, which was meaning that probably 96, 97% of the positives are false positives. If you take that half a million cases of Covid in the United States, those deaths, and you realize that as many as 96 or 97% of those could be false positive, even if it was just 90%, people are dying of other underlying causes. Hospitals were instructed to designate a death a Covid death even if it was just presumed it might be Covid. They changed the rules on how we defined what Covid was, and so this is an epidemic of coding error, an epidemic of diagnostic error using the wrong test that was never intended for clinical diagnosis. I agree with you, Brian, Covid is real. People are dying, but not nearly to the numbers we are hearing. This has been an epidemic created by the defining mechanisms. Now, the thing that’s going on right now in the United States of blaming the unvaxxed for the outbreaks and the hospitalizations, and the deaths, is also created by definitions that the CDC did. Back at the end of April, they made the announcement, and it’s still on their website. I’m putting it up on my next show. They made the announcement that you cannot call it a Covid case, if you’ve been vaccinated and you use a cycle threshold above 28. Well, all the cycle thresholds, or most of them, are way above 28, so you won’t get counted. So in this country, the only people getting counted are the unvaxxed which is why it skews the data. But when we look overseas, when we look at Israel, when we look at Britain, we see that most of the hospitalizations are actually vaccinated individuals.

– Wow. Loads of questions coming in here. We’ve lost Nico for just a little bit, but he’ll be… Oh, there he is. Nico, this is for you.

– There he is.

– It’s a good question, this. Do airline companies have a right to refuse unvaccinated people onboard? Because there’s a lot of talk now about that and border, share your papers and stuff. Do they?

– Yes. Overall, they do. It’s a private company; they can. I mean, now you can make the argument. People are trying to make the argument that they serve a governmental purpose and that needs to be litigated. I mean, remember we’re on unchartered territory. The only case law we have from the Supreme Court is a case that I’m sure everybody’s familiar with: Jacobson v. Massachusetts. And that was in 1905 or something, so we have 115 years of no case law. So, it’s going to make case law. We have to be very sure about the lawsuits and the arguments that are made. I always caution people, ’cause you don’t want to make bad case law. You gotta be very strategic on lawsuits, on legal arguments. Bobby Kennedy and the Children’s Health Defense, I mean, they’re just amazing. What a wonderful staff, and I mean that. I believe in giving honor to whom honor is due. And I love what you guys are doing. Thank you for doing it. I really appreciate that. That people really should really appreciate and support you guys if they can.

– Thank you. This is a great question. I love this question. I ask this question, too. What about blood donors who have had the Covid vax? So, if you were in a car wreck or anything, God forbid, and you’re suddenly in the hospital, what are you dealing with here? What is this spike protein from a blood donor going to…? What’s going to happen? It’s a great question.

– There is definitely carryover of, you know. If you have a blood donation and that particular blood donation came from a Covid vaccine recipient, there’s a possibility, you know. I don’t know of anybody that’s measured spike protein in donated blood, but I do know that it’s a biological plausibility or possibility that that spike protein can be shared through donated blood. Spike proteins are on the outside of viruses, and therefore they’re pretty stable. They’re not going to fall apart easily, and so even going through the blood donation process and through some of the cleansing processes that you have when you donate blood and when the blood is processed, that spike protein can survive that. So, yeah, that’s a valid concern.

– And what about also transplant organs?

– Organ transplant definitely could be a possibility. The spike protein sits on the outside of cells. So if you have an organ that’s coated with what’s called endothelial or epithelial tissue, then that spike protein will sit on the outside of that endothelial tissue.

– Alright. Question coming in for actually everybody. Fear. When these people are watching television, it’s scare… I mean, to fair, if you don’t know, ’cause we learnt the hard way, but if you don’t know and you’re someone who’s just addicted to CNN, or whatever these things are, and you’re watching it, they’re getting more and more scared to the point where they’re rushing out and vaccin… I heard from a whistleblower nurse yesterday who told me that these people are taking in their 10 and 11-year-olds and pretending they’re 12. Right.

– Yeah, it’s happened in my practice.

– Yes? Really?

– Yeah. So look, folks, it’s time to calm the chaos. You will reap what you are sowing in the sense that if you’re watching television and getting your information from news anchors, they are not even investigative journalists, they are simply reading reports, you will be fearful. Turn off the news. Turn off the social media, and get to the forest or the ocean, walk around in nature, and you’ll realize everything is absolutely okay. However, don’t be so cavalier as to think that this virus is nothing. This was a lab-mediated thing that’s a little worse than your typical… I mean, it may not be any worse than a bad flu, but it does create some mischief. So, why am I not fearful? I’m old enough, I should be scared. I’m working in the clinic. I get exposed to Covid here and there. I’m not in the least bit afraid. First of all, I don’t fill my brain with nonsense in the news that’s just propaganda. Secondly, there are so many things you can do to boost your immune system. Eat real food, lose weight if you need to lose weight, get enough sleep, get some exercise, but most importantly, there are a few nutrients that you absolutely need to take so that your natural immune system is ready and robust. I’ll put vitamin D at the top of the list. And then, go visit the Frontline Doctors, the FLCCC. There’s a number of organizations. And I know we’ve been sharing these on… Children’s Health Defense has shared these, and other good people are sharing the information of what you can do. And then you really can be fearless, but be careful. You don’t purposely go out and get this virus. This is not one of those I would recommend you do that, but at the same time you don’t have to be afraid.

– Anyone else got anything that’s on fear?

– Well, I mean, what’s the silent killer? Fear.

– Stress, right? We always talk about the silent killer is stress. I mean, there was an actual study that came out, preventing chronic disease, did a publication or whatever. And fear and stress is one of the contributing factors to not doing as well with any virus. I mean, your cortisol levels go up. Your immune system goes down. I mean, I think I had it a year ago. I tested negative. What the hell does that mean? I mean, I had fever, I had body aches, and I lost my taste. And in three days, I was better by God’s grace. And I eat healthy; I take vitamin D, selenium, garlic, C. I mean, I do the things that I need, elderberry, and then I work out, and that was it. And I prayed and I said, “Okay, Lord, I’m in your hands.” And this amazing thing called the immune system works, like what Dr. Thomas said. And so, that was just it. I wasn’t afraid of it. I didn’t want to get it, but I don’t want to get the flu either. But we function with the flu. I don’t understand: it’s illogical to me. To Polly’s point, if I didn’t have my friend George… Polly knows who he is. Dell had us on his show. He worked for Merck. He’s a chemist by trade. He’s amazing. I think, Dr. Brian, you’ve met him before. And so, if I didn’t have him… I don’t google things. I don’t DuckDuck things. I Araujo things. I go to George, and he’s on top of all the studies. And if I didn’t have him all these years, I would probably be influenced a little bit. I can see that. But you got to pause, as Dr. Thomas said, and really study this stuff, because ignorance… And I mean, ignorance just meaning not knowing makes you controllable, and we got to control ourselves.

– Kari, what about you? Because you went through an unimaginable tragedy. I mean, the worst kind a parent can go through. How do you get over fear? And you went on to have more children as well.

– I did. So what I tell my friends and people that message me and ask why I’m not afraid, because of course the biggest fear I have after losing a child is to lose another one. And that’s to find where your power is. So, my power in this moment is to make sure my kids are living a healthy life. We play outside a lot. They don’t have added sugar in their diets at all. And they do take the supplements that Dr. Paul mentioned. They take vitamin C. They get their vitamin D from the sun. I prefer that they get it that way unless it’s the winter. And, root myself firmly where I am, and mindfulness is a big part of that. And turn off the news. Just stop watching it. The fear is there to make you make the choice they want you to make. And I just learned the hard way that when I operate out of fear, I stop listening to myself. And you need to listen to yourself.

– Okay. Thank you, Kari. Another question coming in. I know we’ve got very little time left, but it’s a good question and I don’t know if you can answer it. Can you deactivate the spike protein or mRNA function in the body after taking the shot? So, clearly we’ve got some people that have taken the shot. And they’re asking…

– Yes. There are some protocols. If you have symptoms after getting the vaccine, I would go to the America’s Frontline Critical Care Worker site. I think it’s FLCC.net. It’s either like FLCC.net or FLCC.org. You can put it up in the show notes. And that there is a protocol on there for detoxifying after you’ve had the Covid-19 vaccine. There are real side effects to the Covid-19 vaccine. The spike protein interacts with a special cell called a platelet. The platelets control clotting, that can cause blood clots to occur. It can also cause platelets to reduce in numbers, and that will cause the opposite of clotting, or hemorrhaging. And so, there are some real serious side effects from this vaccination. And if you’re one of those people that are suffering those side effects; if you’re getting recurring headaches; if you have been diagnosed with blood clots; if you’re having memory issues or memory problems; if you’re having problems with gait or musculature and you’ve had the vaccine; I would look at that protocol. And there are therapeutics that you can… Get a physician to prescribe for you, and go through the protocol and make sure that you’re detoxing off of that vaccine.

– Okay. Great advice. Oh, I love this question, because I know the answer. Are there any studies comparing vaxxed versus unvaxxed children? Off you go, guys.

– Well, Brian, you’ve done a couple of them, and I’ve done one fairly recently that they’re all saying the same thing. The control group was another great one that was just done. And bottom line of three or four of these studies that we’ve been involved with here is that the unvaxxed are exceedingly healthy. Just what “Vaxxed II” showed. I mean, when I watched that movie for the third time last night in preparation for this, it was just I’m tearful once again. Our vaccine kids are injured at such a high rate, that’s what I’ve seen in my practice, and our unvaxxed are doing incredible. I mean, they’re just so healthy. And so, that was why I went actually at my medical board’s urging, prove that what you’re doing is as safe as the CDC schedule. Well, I did so I published that study: Relative Incidence of Office Visits and Cumulative Rates of Billed Diagnoses Along the Axis of Vaccination. This one here that has these beautiful graphs. So in orange, you’ve got the vaccinated for all these conditions and in blue you’ve got the unvaxxed; and, as you can see, it’s dramatic. And so, that’s showing asthma, allergy, breathing problems, behavioral, ADD, ADHD, otitis media, ear pain, infections of any kind, eczema, other skin conditions and anemia. All significantly lower in the unvaxxed. Full disclosure: that paper was just retracted. It was on a technical issue that really has no merit, but that’s the world we live in.

– Right. Right. The paper should’ve never been retracted. It was a very, very dubious retraction. And it’s just part of the landmine, the minefield that you go through when you dare publish results that might suggest that unvaccinated children are healthier. I’ve published two studies with Neil Miller, and I think there are links to the studies in the show notes; echoed using different methodologies. We used different methodologies and we used different patient populations, and we showed essentially the same thing. Vaccinated children were having more ear infections, more developmental delays, more ADD, more ADHD, more autism, you name it. And so, please check out those studies. Don’t be afraid to read the science. Don’t be afraid to read it. When somebody refers to a scientific study, look at that scientific study. Look at the graphics. Look at what jumps out to you.

– And also, go and speak to families like Nico’s and Kari Bundy’s family who did vaccinate and then stopped; same parents, same environment, same everything, and the vaccine’s the only difference. Go ask them. They’re everywhere. Ask them and go see for yourself. Before we wrap this up, and by the way we have so many questions I think we’re going to have to do this again. All of you on here. Just so many more questions, but I want everyone to know how they can… Because each of you have a show. Kari Bundy is about to do one for Children’s Health Defense. Brian, you are starting one in September: Science with Brian. That’s not what it’s called, but I like that.

– Okay. We can work with it.

– And Dr. Paul, you have your own show, but you are also coming over to Children’s Health Defense TV. Nico doesn’t know it, but he also is coming over to Children’s Health Defense TV. But, guys, seriously tell them about R Rated Christianity and your show, Paul. Tell them what you do.

– Doctor, you can go first.

– Alright. My show is “Against the Wind: Doctors and Science Under Fire.” And you just go to DoctorsAndScience.com. It’s every other week. We’re probably going to go weekly fairly soon. And we are focusing on the science that you’re not getting told about, things that get retracted, people who are being persecuted, and trying to also bring you stories of vaccine injury.

– And it’s excellent. And yeah. I love Nico’s show, but I only can find it on Facebook, and Facebook’s outnumbered.

– I know. They’ve shadow-banned us a number of times. Look, I’m a neophyte when it comes to… I’m technologically challenged, and so we’re praying for wisdom and the right people in our lives, so we can get to different platforms. I’m a full-time lawyer, full-time daddy. I do ministry stuff. And then, George is a builder, chemist, full-time you know. He’s a daddy too. So, we’re just doing what we can with what we have available to us. R Rated Christianity’s on Facebook for now, and then we have Sidebar on Saturday mornings. It’s on WOAI, here, radio, but it’s iHeartRadio and you can go look it up. And we talk more current events there. R Rated Christianity talks more about a biblical and a Christian worldview on how to handle current events and just living out the biblical worldview in a practical way. It’s R-rated so watch yourself. No, it’s not going to be throwing some PG word in there. But we enjoy it, and we try to educate people and teach them to critically think.

– It’s wonderful and I really am going to encourage you to come over and put your show on Children’s Health Defense TV. Sure.

– Launching in September-

– I don’t know how to do it.

– I will tell you, I will talk to you too. Right. Everybody, before we go, we’ve got I think one minute. If everybody could just give their last piece of advice to everybody out there. I just want to say to everybody this. I didn’t realize I was more powerful than I was. I didn’t trust my gut instinct, which I now know is my God instinct. I did not trust anything. And so, now that I’ve had to live through it, we are warning you. We’re not telling you what to do. If you want to go take the Covid shot or the flu shot, go ahead. That’s your right as a human being. We’re here to warn you, because we experienced terrible injuries to our children. And there’s nothing more painful in my mind than experiencing that. This is our babies: these are our gifts from God. So my advice to you is talk to people, go see for yourself, and then make a really informed decision. Don’t attack us and we won’t attack you. Just love one another and stand firm. If you don’t want it, stand firm, ’cause eventually this will break down. That’s my advice. Brian.

– Right. Parents are the best experts on their wonderful children. And so, parents make the right decisions based on faith, based on faith of what you’ve researched, what you’ve looked at, not based on fear. All the comments about fear I just want to echo again: fear will take you down a road that you do not want to be on. And then, finally, please, please research something. If the government’s telling you something to put in your body, never trust the government to tell you what to put in your body. They are bought and sold by the pharmaceutical industry, so make sure you’re doing your own research.

– Paul.

– So, I’m going to ask you to take charge of your own destiny. Calm your own chaos. And I’m going to teach you a technique that my wellness coach taught me just this past few months that has made a world of difference for me. And that’s this. I want you to breathe in. You want to breathe in love or God, or whatever positive energy you can breathe in. And release fear. Do that enough, and pretty soon you’re going to be breathing in love and breathing out love, and that’s going to affect everybody around you.

– Thank you. Nico.

– Thomas Sowell has a lot of great quotes. One of them he says is the most important decision is always the one who makes the decision. The most important decision you can make is the decision for your children and their health and their future. And if you’re a person of faith, you’ve been entrusted. I mean, that’s what Scripture tells us that children are a gift from the Lord. They’re a heritage for us too, and we’re supposed to be good stewards for that. And so, I want to be the best steward I can for all of my children. And we can do another show. I know, Polly, you wanted to talk about dealing with guilt and not defending your child, and wind up with things you know. And that’s something we have to talk about, but I just tell people you be the one to make the best decision for your child. And that comes from education and from a calm attitude. Don’t react. I really advocate against reacting. When you think about first responders, they’re called first responders, not first reactors, because a responder assesses and then makes a good educated, even quick, but a good educated decision. So respond well, don’t react; passion over emotion, and then pursue objective truth.

– Thank you. Kari Bundy.

– I think I’m going to go with you, Polly, and I’m going to say trust your instincts. The other thing is to do your own research. And I’m going to take it one step further than Brian, and I’m going to say don’t trust anybody’s analysis of that research. Don’t even trust Brian’s analysis of that research. Do the work and look at it yourself, read it yourself. As soon as someone says, hey, look at this study. It says this. Look at it and see, does it say that, because a lot of the times you’re going to find out that’s not what it says at all.

– Well, I want to thank you, Kari. And thank you to everybody. Time’s up; we will be back as a group. And I just want to… I wouldn’t be Polly Tommey if I did not tell you this. Prayer is the biggest tool against evil. So please, people, pray big, keep on your knees and pray, and we will get through this. Truth will win: God wins. Alright, everybody. Thank you so much. And we’ll be back again soon. Big love to everyone.

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