Episode 9: Real Talk with Dr. Eric Saunders: Goodbye Room Seven

Real Talk with Dr. Eric Saunders: Goodbye Room Seven Host Sumayyah Simone and guest Dr. Eric Saunders talk about how to respond to tough situations. Dr. Saunders was fired from his job at The Valley Hospital in Ridgewood, New Jersey as an Optomologist. Dr. Saunders was born with no legs as a result of his mother taking Bendectin for morning sickness. During his childhood he spent a lot of time in doctors offices and realized that there were children who were worse off than he was and decided he wanted to help by becoming a doctor. Dr. Saunders met the grueling challenge of medical school and became an Optomologist. Sumayyah and Dr. Saunders talk about how to deliberately choose a loving response instead of an angry one. Dr. Saunders talks about how everyone feels anger but there is a healthy way to express it. Though he has decided to have a loving response that does not stop him from standing up and speaking out against what is wrong. Dr. Saunders believes that people should be able to chose a medical intervention. Link to Dr. Saunder's facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/eric.m.saunders.5 Sumayyah Simone: https://linktr.ee/Sumayyahsimone

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