‘This Week’ 2022 Episode 34: CHD Deplatformed, What’s Next for Fauci? Nuremberg Update + More

This episode of “This Week” is jam-packed with news headlines, powerful speeches, critical data, and stark warnings. Be sure to tune in to hear from Mary Holland and Polly Tommey as they discuss the latest coming from the White House, mainstream media outlets, events and rallies and government agencies. They break down the information and help viewers sift out truth from the mess of misinformation and disinformation. Don’t miss it!


Fauci Steps Down

CHD Response to Fauci Stepping Down

Black Americans Urged to Get Booster

Facebook, Instagram Deplatforms CHD

Vaccine Injured Censored on Facebook

WEF Online Global Censorship Program

CDC Admits to Failure in COVID Response, Overhaul Plans

CDC Changes Narrative on Spike Proteins

Canadian Province Stops Reports Due to Death Rates, Vax

Vaccinated Rock Singer Dies of Brain Injury

Novavax Authorization for Kids

New Boosters for Over 12-year-olds

Extension of COVID Health Emergency

Rapid COVID Immunity Test

COVID Booster for Kids in Canada

Canada, WEF Digital ID Program

Oral Vaccine + Polio

Carcinogen, Glyphosate, Big Ag

Autism on The Rise, Why?

Tomato Flu

Vera Sharav Speech at Nuremberg Event

Mary Holland Speech at Nuremberg Event

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