‘This Week’ 2022 Episode 2: ‘These Are Staggering Numbers’ + More

Mary Holland and Polly Tommey return to CHD TV to offer an analysis of the past week’s top news headlines. In this episode of "'This Week' with Mary + Polly," they deep-dive into topics, which include: what constitutes a “vaccine,” the steep and sudden rise in all-cause death numbers, the failure to report adverse events, a welcome increase in encouraging voices in mainstream media and the dangerous status of the ongoing push for vaccine passports. Viewers won't want to miss this episode!


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Child Dies Pfizer Vaccine

More Kids Die COVID vs Vaccine

Lifelong Health Risk Vaccine

3rd Dose Toddlers

Arrested Teacher Vaccinated Teen

Omicron Mandates Obsolute Evidence

COVID Shot Not Vaccines

Insurance Report Increase Premature Death

Safety Data Pfizer

MA Digital Vaccine Cards

Variants Danger Global Vaccination

Deltacron Strain

Symptoms Can't Work

Pope Moral Obligation Vaccines

Preparation Act Against Unvaccinated

Deny All Religious Exemption Military

Adapting COVID

Against Booster Mandate Cornell

mRNA Shingles Vaccine

Global Financial Collapse

Fact Checks are Opinion

Inevitable Microchipping

Macron Rant Against Unvaccinated

Protestors Respond to Macron

Resisting Drop Canada Border Mandate

Djokovic Visa

NY We Will Not Comply

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