‘This Week’ 2022 Episode 38: Paul Offit Advises Against Boosters, Fauci’s Dark Role + Microchipped Employees

Paul Offit, an anti-vaxxer? Great Reset cannibalization? COVID pandemic finally over? Today’s “This Week” is full of headlines, data and warnings that will shock viewers to the core. For critical information and updates on Myocarditis, propagandized immunization, food toxicity, censorship collusion and more, be sure to tune in!


Biden Declares Pandemic Over

Big Pharma Stock Drop After Announcement

CDC False Information Safety Monitoring

Independent Scientists + mRNA Vials

Bivalent Vaccines + Side Effects

Doctors Getting Boosters

Deaths + Myocarditis Research in England

Heart Disease in Britain, Charity Warning

Air Pollution + Cardiac Issues

Vaccine Dose Errors, VAERS Data

J&J Vaccine Injury Story

Moderna CEO New Vaccine, Cancer Shot

Psychological Study Vaccination Campaign

Childhood Vaccination Schedule Threatened

Fauci + Big Pharma, Gain-of-function, Pandemic Response

State Medical Board + Physician Misinformation

Congress + Military Vax Mandate

Company Microchipping Employees

Newborns + Heel Prick Data Collection

Great Reset + Processed Foods

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