‘This Week’ 2022 Episode 27: Monkeypox Blitz? White House to Allocate 296,000 Jynneos Monkeypox Vaccines Based on Underreporting Fears + More

Join hosts Polly Tommey and Mary Holland as they break down top headlines, news stories and important events across the globe on “This Week.” Hear a VAERS update — almost 30,000 post-COVID-vax deaths — as well as insight into marketing propaganda from Big Pharma. Also, a timeline on Monkeypox, an analysis of the transhumanist agenda, court updates and more. Tune in!


29,162 Deaths VAERS

$32B COVID Vax Deal Pfizer

Injury More Likely Reduced Hospitalization

COVID Childhood Schedule

Sue FDA Drugs Toddlers

Elmo Vaxxed

White House Monkeypox Order

Monkeypox PCR Test

Symptoms Monkeypox Warning

U.S. 2.5 M Monkeypox Dose

WHO Call for Action Monkeypox Surge

Indoor Mask Wearing Mandatory

Cats Get COVID

Dogs Get COVID

Tigers Get COVID

Block Mandate Federal Workers

Fauci Get COVID

Pfizer Paxlovid FDA Approval

Universal Vaccine

New Booster

Virtual Babies

HPV Single Dose

2nd Diphtheria Case

Hazlehurst Lawsuit

Daycare Stand Up COVID Vax

Vaccine Mandate N.Y.C. Judges Corrupt

Joe Rogan Shoutout to RFK, Jr.

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