‘This Week’ 2022 Episode 23: Metaverse Madness + How a ‘Corporate Created Universe’ Will Usher in the Fourth Industrial Revolution

Merging bodies and technology doesn’t seem as far off as it did just years ago. The possibility for virtual babies, implants in the brain and life behind a pair of goggles is close, if not here already. In this episode of “This Week,” viewers hear news stories and articles on the technological agenda as well as information on new vaccines, monopolizing the food industry, CDC tracking through cell phones, and more. Tune in!


Vax Kids Under 5

Natural Immunity and Vaccine

Hands Off Our Children

Vaccine Comic Book

Vax Dangerous for Kids

VICP Overwhelmed

Skipping Vax Trials

Virtual Babies

WEF + Metaverse

Privacy Concerns, Education, AI

Monkeypox Power Grab

Fauci NIAID Monkeypox Treatment

More Monkeypox Vax Doses

Malone on Monkeypox

WHO Corruption Pandemic

COVID Lockdowns + Mandate = Again?


Measles Vax Approval


Pneumococcal Vax

Control Media, Censorship

Mask Mandate Airlines

CDC Cell Phone Tracking

Globalist Food System Control

Cancer-Causing Weedkiller Sold

Air Force Denied Religious Exemptions Lawsuit

Doctors Sue FDA Ivermectin

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