‘This Week’ 2022 Episode 18: Bill Gates’ ‘Doom + Gloom’ Future of New Variants, New Vaccines + More

Today’s “This Week” is filled with critical headlines that viewers won’t want to miss. Hear from hosts Mary Holland and Polly Tommey on the over 1.2 million injuries in VAERS, violations of the 1st amendment, talk of future pandemics, “meaningless” rapid tests, Moderna approval for kids and more. Be sure to tune in!


VAERS Injuries

Disinformation Board Orwellian

Transition Pandemic Fauci

Worst Ahead Gates

Global Vaccine

New Phase COVID

Herd Immunity

Next Wave COVID

Omicron Variants

Vaccines Under 6

Vaccines Kids

Vaccines Under 5

High Rates Guillain-Barre

Trials Major Organs Impacted

Shedding Uterine Lining

India Release Trial Data

Denmark COVID Campaign

Improper Storage Vaccines Pharmacy

OR Vaccine ID

MS Law Ban Mandates

DC Parental Consent

Remdesivir Infants

Connection Kids + Hep + COVID ax

Measles Case Surge

Gates’ Grants Guardian

$150 Million Access Vax

Gates’ Grants WHO

RSV Pass Antibodies Infants

Lyme Disease Vax

Opioid Corruption

Lab-grown Meat + Insects

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