‘This Week’ 2022 Episode 3: ‘Revolting’ and ‘Shocking’ Article Celebrates Deaths of the Unvaccinated + More

Join Mary Holland and Polly Tommey as they discuss top headlines on "'This Week' with Mary and Polly." This episode, the hosts look into news on devastating VAERS numbers, the potential risk for dangerous disease post-vaccination and SCOTUS rulings on mandates. Furthermore, Mary and Polly discuss the relationship between religious exemptions and the military as well as the effectiveness of vaccines against COVID variants.


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Supreme Court Block Test Mandate

OSHA CMA Mandate

Boosters are Over

Overloading Immune System with Boosters

Immunocompromised 4th Dost Booster

Myocarditis Injuries in Teens

Myocarditis Autopsy

Failure Pandemic Israel

Time to Admit Failure

Neurodegenerative Disease

Spinal Cord Condition

Next Pandemic

Flu Shots + Measles Help COVID

Necessary to Mock Anti-Vax

Marine Corps Religious Exemption

Military Vaccine

Natural Immunity Revocation

Vaccine Passports

Vatican COVID Restrictions

Discriminate Unvaccinated

End Mass Vaccination

Evict Unvaccinated

Health Tax Unvaccinated Candians

Vaccine Card Emergence

Reject Ad RFK Book

Vaccine Rates Kids

GMO Tomato Not Safe

Face Mask Attrativeness

Defeat the Mandates DC

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