‘This Week’ 2022 Episode 1: Video ‘Sent Shivers Down My Spine’ + More

Mary Holland and Polly Tommey return to CHD TV’s own "'This Week' with Mary + Polly" to break down press releases, current articles and relevant news. From Canada to Germany, the UK to the U.S., Mary and Polly bring the top headlines from around the world to the forefront. Tune in for insight on the new variant, vaccine passports and the truth behind statistics from the media landscape.


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Kids Injuries Vaccine

Failure Largest Experiment

Joe Rogan Malone Interview Deleted

Fully Vaccinated COVID UK

More Harm Than Good

Not Short Supply Lack Testing

Changes PCR Testing

Heart Issues Athletes

Athlete Cardiac Arrests + Death


Ban Unvaccinated Leave Country

Germans Omicron Vaccinated

More Omicron Fully Vaccinated

Ecuador Mandatory Vaccine

Shames Christmas Unvaccinated

No Vaccine “Idiots”

Door to Door Vaccine

Booster $100 Given

Flu Case Rise

Travel Mandate Unsucessful

Attack Public Health

Autism Community Vaccines Propaganda

Archbishop Warning

Fake Vax Card Jail Time

Army Vaccine Target

Navy Victory Mandates

TX Block Mandate

j.b. handley Blog

Wrong Autism Blog

Giant Syringe Formation

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