‘This Week’ 2022 Episode 29: Bill Gates ‘Playing God’ — Genetically Engineered Animals, Rising Rates of Myocarditis Deaths in Kids + More

The establishment does whatever it can to hide, silence, and ignore vaccine injuries. Creating new viruses that mimic adverse events, censoring doctors and victims who share truth, and making themselves out to be heroes — Big Pharma and their players continue to be tyrannical, manipulative, and full of lies. In this episode of “This Week,” hear the latest on the schemes of Fauci, Bill Gates and others — listen closely for the truth amidst all the propaganda put forth by the mainstream media.


Bypass Safety Standards FDA, Moderna

Pfizer Document Dump

NIH, CDC Staff Quitting

Top Doctors + Scientists Alarmed, Embarassed

Formed Pfizer Exec Predicts Bad Vaccines

11-Year-Old Cardiac Arrest

Myocarditis Sudden Death Young Girl

8-Year-Old Dies Vaccine

Guitarist Amputated Fingers, More Adverse Events

COVID-19 Tedros Doom + Gloom

Lab Leak Tedros

Kids Not Vaccinated

Blood Clots + Diet

Army Doctor Exemptions Suspension

Air Force Ruling Unvaccinated

Fauci Return, Masking + Vaccines

LA Mask Mandate

School Mask Mandate

Novavax Authorize

Skin, Breast Cancer Vaccine + Amazon

More Monkeypox Vax

Parechovirus Infants

Nipah Virus

Sugar Bad Brain

Cellphone Radiation

Radiation Protection

Outbrekaks Africa, Animals

Bill Gates GMO

Mysterious Fires

Milk + Egg High Prices

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