‘This Week’ 2022 Episode 33: Quadruple-Vaccinated ‘Leaders’ Come Down With COVID, Monkeypox Madness + Silver Linings

After COVID comes monkeypox, comes polio — and the race to vaccinate every corner of the universe for anything and everything continues on. Mary Holland and Polly Tommey guide viewers through and around the craziness of the news in this episode of “This Week.” They discuss topics, ranging from dogs with monkeypox, Wuhan gain-of-function funding, cannabis and COVID and the CDC’s changing guidelines on treatment of the unvaccinated versus vaccinated. In a busy, confusing, and tyrannical world of news, find clarity and truth at CHD.TV!


CDC Changes Guidelines for Unvax vs Vax

CDC Changes Guidelines, Response

Skipping Animal Trials

Funding Wuhan Gain-of-function

COVID-19 Vaccines, Variants + Monkeypox for Fall

Childhood Vax Schedule Questioned by Parents

CEO Pfizer Tests Positive COVID

Moderna Vaccine for Omicron in UK

Dr. Robert Malone Interview

Novavax Authorization

Novavax Waning Demand

Polio Vax for Children in London

Polio Cases + Vaccine Relationship

NYC COVID to Monkeypox Response

Human-to-dog Monkeypox Transmission

Name Change of Monkeypox Variants

Tweet From WHO About Name Changes, Monkeypox

Nurses Expose Hospital Treatments, Protocols

Cannabis + COVID

Aluminum in HPV Vax

Book, ‘Turtles All The Way Down’

‘Friday Roundtable’ With Guest Zoey O’Toole

‘Tea Time’ With Guests Canadian Doctors

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