‘This Week’ 2022 Episode 37: Global Financial Collapse, Normalizing Myocarditis, Return of Bird Flu + More

Watch “This Week,” today, to hear from Mary Holland and Polly Tommey as they discuss the critical news that viewers won’t want to miss! In this episode, they share information on financial collapse, flu shots, bioweapon research, human trials, myocarditis advertisements and much more. Be sure to tune in!


Global Financial Collapse, Interview With Ed Dowd

Excess Deaths + Vaccination in Germany

Pfizer $54B Profits from COVID

Two Arms, Flu + COVID

Vaccine Rollback for Children in Europe

UK Statement on Vaccination Autumn 2022

Pediatricians Want Parents to Give Kids Flu Shot

Normalizing Myocarditis Advertisement

Vaccine Clinical Trials For Children

New Boosters, No Human Trials

CA Bill, Informed Consent + Silencing Doctors

Fauci Emails, Judge Ruling

Spanish Flu, Bioweapons

NY Polio Emergency Declaration

WI Healthcare Workers Mandated Novavax, Despite Exemptions

OH Bird Flu Return

Smart Meters, Spying + Data Collection

Neil Oliver Video - Youtube

EMF Solutions, Protections

Schools + 5G Campaign

CHD Conference

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