‘This Week’ 2022 Episode 35: Toxic Compounds in Shots, Microchipping Kids, Remote Controlled Brains + More

The end to the tyranny, corruption, abuses, experimentation — will it ever come? As Moderna sues Pfizer, campaigns for boosters continue, D.C.’s mayor takes away virtual learning, tennis players kicked out of tournaments ... the madness continues to threaten every corner of the globe. Join Mary Holland and Polly Tommey as they talk through these topics and more in this episode of “This Week” on CHD.TV!


Moderna Sues Pfizer - NBC News

The Fight Over Patents

Labor Day Booster Campaign - NY Times

Targetting Omicron With Vax - Bloomberg

Fall Vax Campaign, Access - NY Times

Experimenting on Rats, Not Humans

Link Between mRNA + CIA

Vaccine Ingredients, Not Listed

Wall Street Journal’s COVID Policies

Back to School Vaccination Campaign

Behavioral Neuroscience, Studying The Unvaccinated

Virtual Learning Unavailable, D.C. Mayor

Extended School Vax Mandate in D.C.

Student Injured by Vax at Brown University

CDC Changing Guidelines

Investigation of Fauci

Monkeypox Lumps, Side Effect

Unvaccinated Tennis Player, U.S. Open

Energy Drinks + Blood Clots

WEF Microchipping Kids

Brain + Mind Control, Technology

Roundup Lawsuits

Toxic Household Cleaners, Alternatives

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