‘This Week’ 2022 Episode 5: ‘Sickening Example of Corrupt Science’ + More

This episode of ”’This Week‘ with Mary + Polly” takes viewers around the world with top headlines on the news that matters. From quarantine to vaccine passports to the relationship between vaccination and pregnancy, Mary Holland and Polly Tommey cover a broad scope of topics. Breaking down articles and press releases, the hosts analyze important events, court cases and more. Plus, in this episode, Mary and Polly discuss the trucker convoy, updating viewers on the ever-increasing participation and unfortunate media manipulation.


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VAERS Children Injuries

Safety and Efficacy Children

Mask Weak Science

Pregnancy Vaccines Wrong Safety Conclusion

Canada Convoy Protest

Canada to End Vaccine Proof

Canada Protest Block Ottawa

Canadian Freedom Convoy

Norway Scrap Quarantine

Recommend to Scrap Green Pass

New Zealand Nationwide Restrictions

Waning Omicron Wave

Moderna HIV Trial

US Vaccine Passport

Treatments Killed Patients

Testing Strategy Nightmare

DOD Injuries Cover-Up

VAERS Injuries Children

COVID Hysteria Truth

Reiner Fuellmich Telegram

Volunteers COVID for Science

RFK Defeat the Mandates Speech

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