‘This Week’ 2022 Episode 32: FDA Offers Untested Monkeypox Shots for Kids, Nasal Vaccines, Skin Patches + Exciting New Developments

We live in a world with nasal vaccines, tattoo vaccines, vaccines for fish and a never-ending push to continually consume these dangerous injections and the food supply that receives them. In this episode of “This Week,” the headlines that Mary + Polly cover will leave viewers speechless, better-informed and hungry for more. Be sure to tune in!


Fauci on Boosters, Unvaccinated for Fall, Winter

17-year-old Dies Myocarditis Vax

Vaccine Injury Stories

Legal Action Family Death After AstraZeneca

South Africa COVID Death

Novavax Side Effect Warning

Novavax Heart Inflammation

Politics Over Public Health

Israeli Physician Censored

‘A Letter to Liberals’ RFK, Jr. Book

New COVID Variant

Polio in Sewage

Monkeypox Health Emergency, Vax for Kids

Monkeypox Vax for Kids

Gov. DeSantis on Monkeypox Emergency

Nasal Vax

Vaccine Patch

Health Monitoring Tattoo

Vax + Meat Production

Great Reset Tool

HPV Vax Cervical Cancer

Dozens of Lawsuits Merck HPV Vax

Coast Guard Suit Vax Mandates

Costa Rica Mandate Ended

Marburg Virus Death Ghana

Finland Close Stores to Conserve Power

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MMR + COVID Antigen Vax

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