‘This Week’ 2022 Episode 6: ‘Nothing Justifies This’ + More

From dangerous combination shots to faulty risk-benefit analysis — this episode of “‘This Week’ with Mary + Polly” is one that viewers won’t want to miss. Listen as Mary Holland and Polly Tommey deep-dive into top headlines, breaking down the truth and providing insight. This week, hosts Mary and Polly discuss “wildly dangerous” products, liability issues and court rulings and potential new vaccinations.


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Delay Safety Data Release

Dropped Out of Trial

Risk Benefit for Children

Rollout Vaccines Indefinite

Meryl Nass, M.D., Attacked License

Army COVID Vaccine

Court Demand Data Austria

Denmark Lift Restrictions

Israel Green Pass

UK Novavax Approval

Measles Warning

4th COVID Shot Germany

HIV Netherlands Infectious

Trudeau Bodyguard Resignation

Food Prices Global High

Toxic Farmed Salmon

Stop Pfizer for Kids

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