‘This Week’ 2022 Episode 31: MMR + COVID Combo Vaccine for Kids, Injury Cover-Up, Big Wins for Medical Freedom + More With Megan Redshaw

Increasing reported deaths and adverse events after COVID injection, and they STILL want to create more vaccines for new and upcoming viruses? On today’s “This Week,” Megan Redshaw and Polly Tommey break down critical articles on topics that have implications for your family’s life — from food to medicine, gas to education. Hear about monkeypox and malaria madness as well as abuses of power coming from Capital Hill and beyond, affecting every corner of the world. Tune in!


9-year-old VAERS Death

Parents Won’t Vax Kids

Betrayal of FDA + CDC

Lawsuit Victory for Healthcare Workers

CDC Uses Flawed Data to Justify Vax

Biden Positive COVID Test

Student Dies After Passing Exams

Showering + Heart Attacks

Invented Diagnoses to Hide Vax Injury

Pressure for Vax Approvals From White House

Amazon Healthcare Bid

800,000 Doses Monkeypox Vax

Monkeypox Deaths

Monkeypox Disaster Prediction

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Judge Blocks Mandate Military

Nova Scotia Children Vax

Ontario Children Vax

MMR + COVID-19 Antigen

Malaria Vax

Malaria Vax Research

Symptoms of Malaria

Tylenol + Autism Connection

Great Reset + Food Supply

CHD on Rumble

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