‘This Week’ 2022 Episode 25: ‘This is Truly Mad’ Moderna to Study COVID Shot in 3 Month Old Babies Despite Infant Deaths Reported to VAERS

In this episode of “This Week,” Mary Holland and Polly Tommey provide viewers with critical news headlines and important events. Today, they share a timeline on COVID vaccine approval for children, even infants. They analyze the mandates, new vaccines and outbreaks, and worldwide power grabs. Also, a thank you to all our donors. You make it possible for CHD to spread truth and expose lies to protect children and families across the globe! Thank you.


FDA Moderna Vax Kids

EUA Vax Young Kids

FDA Wrong COVID for Kids

1.3 Mil Injuries VAERS

NY Times CDC Recommend Vax for Children

ABC News CDC Pfizer + Moderna Kids

UK Vax Schedule

FL No Preorder Vax

Study Vax for Infants

Woman Loses Job Vax Injury

FDA Wrong About Drugs

Epoch Times Grace Story

Fauci COVID Positive Test

Monkeypox New Name

EU Order Monkeypox June

WEF Top 10 Scary Ideas + Your Future

Pilots Vax Injury

Mask Mandates Again?

Measles Confirm Two Cases

Universal Influenza Vax Phase 1

Epstein-Barr Virus Vax

Pfizer Stock French Vax Company

Tuberculosis at University Outbreak

Blaming Backyard Chickens for Bird Flu

Africa Power Grab

Africa Unites Against WHO

Judge Stock Conflict of Interest

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