‘The People’s Testaments’ Episode 43: One Size Fits All Medical Care Leads to the Wrongful Death of a 12-Year-Old Child Interview With Trina Thornhill - Audio

Trina Thornhill speaks to CHD’s Amanda Forbes on an episode of People’s Testament that takes viewers to Canada, where they discuss the medical establishment’s pervasive abuse of power. Under the threat of being removed from their parent’s care, children are coerced and bullied to undergo unwanted and at times unnecessary medical treatments. Thornhill’s daughter was forced to undergo ongoing painful treatments based on a diagnosis of Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia (ALL) and was told that she had to push through the treatments despite the agony she was in and the severe allergic reactions she was having to the treatments/medication. Although Thornhill suspected a misdiagnosis the hospital refused to conduct additional testing to rule out other possible diagnoses. After a series of complications, the hospital finally realized that they had misdiagnosed her but by then it was too late – sadly her daughter slipped into a coma and died. “There are absolutely no rights for kids. The children are literally a ward of the state and I don’t think people understand that.”

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