August 16, 2022Good Morning CHD

‘Good Morning CHD’ Episode 103: Stopping Governor Hochul's Quarantine Camps With Rosangel Perez

With an unexpected and unexplainable change to CDC guidelines for the treatment of the unvaccinated and vaccinated individuals, authorities across the world, such as Governor Hochul, continue to push unscientific, abusive regulations and mandates on their people. To speak about a Harlem protest as well as other critical news from New York is today’s “Good Morning CHD” guest, Rosangel Perez. Be sure to tune in — don’t miss out — and continue to stay in the fight for medical freedom!


URGENT: Call for Washington, D.C. Plaintiffs

NY Gov To Appeal Illegal Quarantine Camp Regulation - CHD TV Goes To Harlem NY

Covid Camp Parody Song

New CDC Guidance

Dr. Martin Kulldorff responds to new CDC Guidance

Quarantine Camp Protest This Wednesday

Say NO To Quarantine Camps in NY - Teachers for Choice

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