July 19, 2022Good Morning CHD

‘Good Morning CHD’ Episode 79: Fighting for Military Religious Exemptions With Attorney Davis Younts

In today’s “Good Morning CHD,” viewers hear updates on medical freedom news from across the globe as well as an interview with guest attorney David Younts. Attorney Younts has a special place in his heart for military families. He, himself, experienced the abuses and tyranny within the U.S. military and fights for the rights of members and their families through the legal power of the Constitution. Hear from David in this episode as he describes the historical record of medical experimentation on the military and the efforts being made in the present, for the future, to ensure the ones who fight for freedoms also access them.


The Military Counsel

Stand With Warriors

France Votes Down Vaccine Passport to Enter Country

NYC Educator Wins Religious Exemption Case in State Court

NY's Governor Gulag is Back!

Health Committee Meeting in Suffolk County, Long Island

The Defender: ‘Like a Horror Movie’: Top Scientists Alarmed and Embarrassed by Agencies’ Failure to Follow Science on COVID

Air Force Injunction on Vaccine Mandate

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