August 30, 2022Good Morning CHD

‘Good Morning CHD’ Episode 115: U.S. Travel Restrictions, Discrimination + More With Matt Connor, National Coalition for Frontline Workers

All across the world, people are standing up against tyranny for the sake of medical freedom and informed consent. However, the corruption and fight for power continues on. Watch today’s “Good Morning CHD” to hear and see an inside look at rallies as well as a conversation with guest Matt Connor on coming together in the name of frontline workers’ rights. This critical episode is one that viewers won’t want to miss!


US Open Rally for Novak

#EndAllMandates Crew

Stand With Novak - VIDEO

Crowd Reactions - VIDEO

NY Freedom Rally Protest 8/25

Walking Across the Brooklyn Bridge

Kane V Deblasio Appeals to 2nd Circuit

1,300 NYC school staffers must now get COVID vaccine — or will be let go

Unreasonable for Toronto to dismiss firefighters over vaccine status, arbitrator says

What is NY Governor Kathy Hochul Waiting For?

Frontline Workers Form New Political Coalition

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