July 28, 2022Good Morning CHD

‘Good Morning CHD’ Episode 87: Weapons of Debt — The Truth About Monkeypox, COVID-19 + More

“Good Morning CHD” brings viewers daily updates and interviews with a variety of panelists — doctors, scientists, parents, professors, activists and environmentalists. In this episode, hear real news and research about Monkeypox and biowarfare, WHO treaties and regulations, Sri Lanka and Populace Democracy, complementary medicine and natural approaches and much more!


WATCH: CHD Africa Launch — This Saturday

CHD Africa Website

Professor Boyle's Book — Resisting Medical Tyranny

Robert Malone — Biowarfare and the Brave New World

Held To Ransom: Pfizer Demands Governments Gamble with State Assets to Secure Vaccine Deal

WHO Declares Monkeypox International Health Emergency to Mixed Reviews

Monkeypox Outbreak Does Not Constitute a Public Health Emergency of International Concern — World Council for Health

James Roguski Substack

Postcard on Sri Lanka — Omar Khan

Omar Khan's Recent Piece

‘How Complementary Medicines Won a Court Case in South Africa’

Traditional, Complementary and Integrative Medicine by WHO

‘Exclusive: WHO makes push to limit Africa CDC’s power’ — Devex Article

‘Africa CDC Given Authority to Declare Public Health Emergencies’ — Bloomberg Article

‘Fight For You’ by Five Times August

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