September 20, 2022Good Morning CHD

‘Good Morning CHD’ Episode 134: Shocking Drop in Indigenous Lifespans — Whistleblowers Tell All

Average lifespan decreasing by 7 years. Silencing of early treatment and patients’ right to try. Experimentation on Navajo Natives. The abuse, coercion, censorship and damage has already been done, but many individuals have not yet waken up to this reality. Is there any hope? Guest whistleblowers on “Good Morning CHD” join today to expose the truth and share words of encouragement. Viewers, don’t miss it!


Project Veritas Undercover Whistleblower Video Footage

Politico Pro – Adams Planning to End Vaccine Mandates on Private-Sector, Student Athletes

Teachers For Choice – Fired Teacher Rachelle Garcia Takes on “Eric” Adams

CHD Launches New England Chapter

850 More Unvaccianted Teachers Fired From NYC Schools

Washington DC Mayor Officially Ends Vaccine Mandate for All Workers

Jeffery Sachs on CNN Discusses Likelihood of Lab Leak Theory for Covid virus

Senator Ron Johnson – the Pandemic of the Unvaccianted was False

Two NYC Progressive Activists Stand Together

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Karen Bedonie's Podcast

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