August 5, 2022Good Morning CHD

‘Good Morning CHD’ Episode 94: Freedom, Censorship, Vaccines + More With Dr. Andrew Wakefield + Dr. Kat Lindley

Guests Drs. Andrew Wakefield and Kat Lindley join today’s episode of “Good Morning CHD” for an eye-opening discussion on the tyrannical world we live in and how to break away from those who are holding us in bondage. First, Dr. Wakefield breaks down the history of MMR vaccines as well as the origins of polio and its prevalence today. Then, Dr. Lindley shares on her journey as a physician and how she woke up to the Big Pharma madness. She also exposes censorship, speaks to threats of lockdowns and tells viewers about the movement for medical freedom in Ireland.


Adapting a Covid Antigen into the MMR Vaccine for Children

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Polio Found in Sewage Samples Outside New York City Suggests It’s Spreading in the Community, Health Officials Says

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