‘Financial Rebellion’ Episode 6: Solari Circles — Taking Action at the Local Level

This week, on “Financial Rebellion,” Carolyn Betts breaks down Solari Circles: what they are, who they involve and why they matter. “Forming a Solari Circle is crucial,” Carolyn says, in this episode. Viewers won't want to miss it!

Solari Circles: Take Action Togetherhttps://takeaction2021.solari.com/solari-circles-take-action-together/

Solari Circles: Taking Action at the Local Levelhttps://takeaction2021.solari.com/solari-circles-taking-action-at-the-local-level/

Follow The Moneyhttps://home.solari.com/book-review-follow-the-money-a-citizens-guide-to-local-government/

The Community Wizard of Sebastopolhttps://library.solari.com/the-community-wizard-of-sebastopol-part-1/

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