‘Financial Rebellion’ Episode 16: Geo-engineering, Global Spraying, Hacking Our Weather Systems + More

Ever wonder what the criss-cross patterns from planes in the sky really are? In this week's “Financial Rebellion,” viewers hear a deep-dive analysis of the spraying of chemicals and environmental manipulation taking place around the world. Hear a critical discussion on matters that impact your health, livelihood, and ultimately, your finances, by tuning in to this episode!


Unanswered Questions About Chemtrails

More Questions About Chemtrails

A Solari Report Special With Clifford Carnicom

Carnicom Institute

Dr. Mark Skidmore

The Dimming

An Intelligent Conversation About The Environment

Aerosol Spraying Mitigating The Harm To Your Health

Secretary of Defense Eco-Terrorism

President Lyndon Johnson "He who controls the weather will control the world." Clip

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