01/29/22 - 6:00 pmUpcoming

Niagara Falls, NY - Freedom Convoy

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US & Canadians gathering on the Rainbow Bridge.Please bring American hats to Pass to our Canadian friends so they can be transported to Ottawa, so we can send a message that Canada and the US stand in solidarity with each other.Recently, Freedom Fighter Nation was informed that approximately 38,000 Canadian truckers were walking off the job due to mandates going into effect on January 15 and 22, 2022, that would prevent Canadian and US truckers from crossing the border if they are unvaccinated. We immediately reached out to our Canadian brothers and sisters to better understand the issue, at which point we discovered that it was NOT just the Truckers. Apparently, large segments of an otherwise peaceful and relaxed citizenry north of our border have had it: Canada is taking their country back, by way of a nationwide Convoy-Freedom-Protest, and we are uniting efforts and taking ours back too!

No more mandates.

Just to make things clear, we did not make the convoy event and we are not in the convoy, we are supporting the Canadian convoy. However, the Rolling Patriots are doing a roll from Gander Mountain to the bridge. We are not driving over the border, we are walking halfway over, meeting at 454 Main St then marching to the bridge, staying with-in the parameters of the US and walking back through customs. You will need your ID (enhanced license or Passport)

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