COVID Vaccine Secrets


The Covid “Pandemic” and the subsequent lockdowns, quarantines, mandatory mask wearing, business shut downs, and school closings are unprecedented. Nothing like this has ever taken place in the United States or the world.

Over the last 14 months our children have lost the ability to attend school, we are told we cannot visit our houses of worship, our means of income have been decimated, we cannot travel and visit other countries, sporting events are no longer accessible and the list goes on.

But millions of people across the globe have come to the realization that the Covid narrative just doesn’t add up.

In this entertaining and thought provoking animated video you will learn:

How the Covid pandemic is NOT the Black Plague and that most people have over a 99.9% chance of surviving Covid. That pharmaceutical companies have zero liability when their shots hurt or kill someone. That there are secret ingredients in the so-called vaccines. That the shots weren’t even proven to be effective in preventing Covid. And that the vaccine isn’t even a vaccine, but a mass experiment. Finally, this video will remind you to always think carefully before you have any experimental ingredients, chemicals or technologies injected into your body. Because, once they are in you, you can’t get them out.

Genres: Education

Nov 23, 2022

COVID Vaccine Secrets

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