Nov 6, 2023

Top News + Views of the Week With Attorney Ray L. Flores | Nov. 6

What’s at stake when we hand over our children’s health to the clutches of Big Pharma? Watch ‘One Life Radio,’ this week, for the latest news on this topic. In this episode: a minor consent lawsuit, digital IDs for newborns, DNA contamination transferral to fetuses, fatty liver disease in kids and more. Tune in!

Hosts: Bernadette Fiaschetti

*The opinions expressed by the hosts and guests in this show are not necessarily the views of Children’s Health Defense.

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CHD 2023 Conference

‘Dissolving Illusions’ Book

Father's 20-Year Battle on Behalf of Vaccine-Injured Son Exposes Travesty of Liability-Free Vaccines

CHD Sues Philadelphia Over Law Allowing 11-Year-Olds to Consent to Vaccines Without Parents' Consent

Bill Gates Pushes Digital ID for Newborns in Kenya as Critics Warn of Surveillance Risk

Exclusive: Taxpayer-Funded Initiative Urges Dentists to Push HPV Vaccines

Contact Us | Wisner Baum

'We Stand for Your Right to Ask Questions': 138 Luminaries Call on Government, Tech Firms to Protect Free Speech

'Big Victory': CHD Lawsuit Alleging Key Biden Officials Colluded With Tech Giants to Censor Free Speech Consolidated With Missouri Censorship Case

Megyn Kelly, Legal Experts Debate Legal Issues Around COVID Vaccine Liability

Two Lawsuits Test Whether COVID Vaccine Manufacturers Can Be Sued, w/ Jonna Spilbor & Arthur Aidala

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DNA Contamination in Pfizer Shots Could Transfer From Pregnant Mom to Fetus, Experts Suggest

Pfizer Deliberately Deceived Regulators About SV40 Contamination of COVID Shots, Scientist Says

'An Admission of Epic Proportions': Health Canada Confirms DNA Plasmid Contamination of COVID Vaccines - The Defender

Fatty Liver Disease in Kids and Teens Up 168.3% Since 2017

Young Children 'Rarely' Transmit COVID to Vulnerable Adults, Study Finds

‘The Defender In-Depth’ Podcast Launches: Expert on Pharma and Agency Corruption Says Safety an ‘Afterthought’ for FDA

Fired Unvaccinated New York City Teachers Still Fighting for Reinstatement and Back Pay After Supreme Court Win

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