Oct 22, 2023


This Week With Mary and Polly | Oct. 22

In this episode of ‘This Week’: Vaccine stocks plummet, pregnant women’s vaccine hesitancy rises, the FDA finds ‘safety signal’ of seizures in 2-5 year olds who received the COVID vaccine and more! Be sure to tune in!

*The opinions expressed by the hosts and guests in this show are not necessarily the views of Children’s Health Defense.

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With COVID sales in free-fall, Pfizer slashes revenue forecast by $9B and preps for major cost cuts

Vaccine Stocks - Including Pfizer, Moderna, BioNTech and Novavax - Slide Amid Plummeting Demand + More

Watch: Pfizer Vaccine Distributed to Public Was Inferior to Shots Used in Clinical Trials

How COVID Vaccines Can Lead to ‘Turbo Cancers’

FDA Finds ‘Safety Signal’ of Seizures in Children 2-5 After COVID mRNA Vaccines

CDC Wants Pregnant Women to Get 4 Vaccines — More and More Women Are Saying ‘No’

As the number of vaccines for pregnant women rises, so does vaccine hesitancy

Why Won’t the CDC Do Proper Safety Trials on Childhood Vaccines? Follow the Money.

‘Highly Improbable’: New Study Exposes Flaws in Lancet Paper Claiming COVID Vaccines Saved Millions of Lives

The Rise of the Global Police State: What’s Really Behind UN’s Sustainable Development Goals?

HEALTH Facebook Twitter Flipboard Email Copy 81 Comments Measles is back in 2 states — what to know before the next outbreak

A Vaccine for ‘Superbugs’? + Kids and High Blood Pressure + More

Exclusive: ‘My Wife Never Got to See Our Baby’

Scientists Used CRISPR Gene Editing to Make Chickens Resist Bird Flu - Here's What Happened

Order Today! RFK Jr.’s Latest Book: ‘The Wuhan Cover-Up’

Fentanyl’s Littlest Victims: Dozens of Babies, Toddlers Die in Missouri and Kansas + More

Who’s Behind the Plot to Push Farmers Off Their Land?

Animal Contraceptive and Antibiotics in Popular Fast Foods, Testing Reveals

CHD Launches Military Chapter

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