Nov 26, 2023


This Week With Mary and Polly | Nov. 26

Tune in to CHD.TV’s weekly show with Mary Holland and Polly Tommey, in which they discuss relevant stories from ‘The Defender’ and beyond. Today, viewers learn about vaccination campaigns and media propaganda, various health-related lawsuits, viral ‘threats,’ food supply threats and more. Be sure to watch!

*The opinions expressed by the hosts and guests in this show are not necessarily the views of Children’s Health Defense.

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New Report: Young People Dying of Cancer at 'Explosive' Rates, UK Government Data Show

'I Think They're Just Scared': Statistician Explains Why Insurance Industry Won't Concede COVID Shots May Be to Blame for Excess Deaths

Pfizer, Moderna Spend Millions on Ads Featuring Catchy Phrases and Celebrities to Push COVID Shots

A Golden Age of Vaccines Is Here. What It Means for You | Barrons

'Chair Care': New Mexico Hairstylists Being Trained Under CDC-Funded Program to Push COVID, Flu Shots

CDC, WHO: Measles Pose 'Relentlessly Increasing Threat to Children' | US News & World Report

Measles Deaths Worldwide Jumped 40% Last Year, Health Agencies Say | Click On Detroit

Landmark Lawsuit Alleging Medical Battery Killed 19-Year-Old With Down Syndrome Will Go to Trial

Appeal Planned After New York Supreme Court Reinstates 'Quarantine Camp' Regulation

Moderna's 'Disinformation Department' Monitors 150 Million Websites for 'Anti-Vaccine' Narratives

A Decade Later, Snowden's Worst Fears Have Come True

Moderna Halts Epstein-Barr mRNA Vaccine Trial After Myocarditis Case

Death of 12-Year-Old Boy in France Following HPV Vaccination Triggers Probe Into Gardasil Safety and School Vaccine Campaigns

HPV Vaccine May Cause Increase in Cancer-Causing Strains, Study Shows - But Media Puts Misleading Spin on Study's Findings

'Ethically Problematic': Pfizer Failed to Tell Pregnant Women in RSV Vaccine Trial About Preterm Birth Risk

50,000 Lawsuits Expose J&J's 40 Years of Deception About Asbestos in Baby Powder

Texas Sues Pfizer for 'Endangering Children' by Selling Ineffective ADHD Drug

Nebraska Collecting All Health Data on All Residents - Critics Call It a Step Toward National Digital ID

Gene-Edited Humans? Scientists Sound Alarm as UK Approves CRISPR Therapy to Treat Blood Disease

Bittersweet: Study Exposes Hidden Dangers of Heavy Metals in Chocolate

Big Food Propaganda 'Designed to Produce Wealth But Not Health'

Italy Bans Lab-Grown Meat in Nod to Farmers | BBC

Toxic Chemicals in Flame Retardants Cause Serious Health Risks

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