May 21, 2024

States Fighting the WHO

The World Health Organization’s 77th World Health Assembly meets during the last week of May 2024. At this gathering, representatives from the Member States determine policy and budget, appoint leadership and more. This year is especially notable, as global public health documents on pandemic measures and regulations take center stage. Yet, in this context, some constituents in the United States are concerned not only that their state will concede their sovereignty to the powers that be but that their country will as well. And this sense of unease and message of warning are shared by individuals across the globe. CHD.TV’s ‘Advocacy Lifeline’ host and guests hone in on America this week, offering important insights on relevant legislative matters and urgent action steps that protect citizens’ rights and states’ jurisdiction. Catch the details in this episode!

Bills Discussed:

West Virginia [WV 5105] ( Louisiana [LA SB 133] ( Ohio [OH HB 73] ( Oklahoma [OK HR 1042] ( [OK SB 426] ( Missouri [MI HB 4859] ( New Hampshire [NH HB 1156] ( New Jersey [NJ AR 29] ( Pennsylvania [PA SB 618] (

*The opinions expressed by the hosts and guests in this show are not necessarily the views of Children’s Health Defense.

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